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  1. That was my thought. Those platforms aren't unused and are needed for the game in the current state either for multi-player where multiple shuttles might be used concurrently or maybe single player where you need multiple pads if you were to fly a shuttle to the satellite and then use the odd stone to travel to another planet leaving the shuttle on the satellite taking up a pad blocking it from landing another shuttle.
  2. Performance needs to be top priority. The fixes for things like the "scrap exploit" which are probably quick kills are not going to please the community. This isn't a competitive game. I don't care if people are getting unlimited scrap because it makes no difference to me. I have never used the exploit because I chose not to and my not using it had zero impact on anyone. There is no ranking system, leader boards, etc so why do I care if those types of exploits are fixed or not? What I do care about is my game slowing to a crawl when friends join my game. FIX THAT!
  3. It is a "play anywhere" game. You buy it from the Microsoft Store it is available on XBox and Windows 10 regardless of what system you bought it on.
  4. I just tried to play Astroneer multiplayer with my son. I was going to play on my PC and he was going to play on the XBox in his profile. It is only letting the game run on one device at a time. The second machine to launch the game tells you it is already running on another device and gives you the option to "play here" or cancel. If you select, "play here" it kicks you out of the game on the other device. My kids have access to all of my games in their Xbox profiles since we share the same devices and are in the same "Microsoft Family". There is no split screen but is there a way for family members to play together? My kids are in grade school and live with me.
  5. You listed "Malachite". That is copper. You need to smelt it.
  6. Summary: - Xbox - Worklight missing from items dropped by previous death Description: My astroneer died with a backpack full of resources and a worklight. The new Astroneer attempted to recover the items from the previous but also died before reaching the previous body. The next astroneer had much better luck reaching the first death location. The body was gone at this time but items were sitting on the ground where the first death occurred. The worklight was missing. The worklight was the only item that was not a harvested resource and the only one noticed missing. Platform: XBox One Version / Build Number: Specifications: Xbox One X
  7. Any idea how modding will work? That is something I am interested in so curious if it is expected to work with Xbox or will it be Steam only? What tools are needed? Will they work with dedicated servers, etc. Maybe too early for those details but I'm itching.
  8. I had it happen once where I I was driving the rover and stopped momentarily. I didn't get out but just moved the camera around to get my bearings. Then when I tried to drive again it wouldn't move. But after getting out of the rover and back in I was able to drive again. I have not been able to recreate it and it only happened that once so not sure how helpful this is but I just wanted to say I experienced a time where I couldn't drive. When I got out of the rover and back in it jumped a little which maybe is what got it unstuck.
  9. I would like to see the ability to save single use items until they are needed. For example, filters. My understanding of the filters is that they are for emergency use. I typically have two extra oxygen tanks on my pack in addition to the packs oxygen supply. This gives me a good amount of time away from tethers and they automatically refill when I am back at a tether. This is my normal oxygen system. But sometimes I get lost and it would be nice to have filters to give me some extra time to find my way back to safety. As it is now though, the filters are used first which doesn't make sense to me. You don't use your emergency supplies first, you use them in emergencies. If I have them wrong and they are primary, then why am I not required to have them at all? Why are they disposable? Sometimes, read often, I run my oxygen supply as long as I can. I've never once gone below 25% oxygen remaining and thought, "I am so glad I made filters." If anything I've though, "@#@%#, I forgot I had filters and didn't take that into account when deciding when I needed to turn back."
  10. I actually like that there isn't a tutorial. But some hints would be nice. For instance, I had no idea what filters did other than disappear until I read the wiki. Until I read the wiki, I would build some, then go about my business not sure what I just built but thinking about those plants in the caves give off the toxic cloud. I am running around, doing my thing, stepping away from the tethers for short periods of time taking shortcuts between segments, etc. Then I find some of those plants with the toxic clouds and decide to try out my filters but, "where did they go?" If it weren't for the wiki describing them, I'd probably never build them again. My observation of their function was, "they go away." The inconsistency of the interface is definitely a problem. Why are some things activated by holding X and other by holding Y? Why are some things built by pressing the "i" button hovering over the silhouette of what is to be guild while others by holding X/Y? There is no consistency in how things are used. Suggest making using something always Y and getting in/out of something always X. But in general, have the buttons consistent for the type of action they perform.
  11. It is a better experience on my Xbox One X but I also play on a Toshiba Satellite S55t-B5233. I use the default settings and get occasional stutters but overall it is very playable. Specs: Windows 10 Home i7-4710HQ @ 2.5GHz (4 cores / 8 threads) 16 GB RAM Intel HD Graphics 4600 World's slowest hard drive (My one complaint about this machine)
  12. There already is a kind of health bar. The intensity of the red border around the screen shows how close to death you got. If you don't have a red border you are fine. If you do, you are in trouble and death may be imminent. What more do you need to know?
  13. Version: Platform: Xbox One X Description I joined my friend's game while he was on the moon. His large shuttle only had a single enclosed seat so in order to transport me back to the starting planet with him we 3D printed a habitat module. When I entered the habitat module the first glitch appeared as my character floating in the air next to one of the shuttle's legs while in a seated position. When my friend launched the shuttle my character snapped back into the habitat module. While in transit between the moon and the planet we both laughed at the habitat module door being open. Then on my screen, I saw my friend's character pass through the door of the enclosed seat and drift further and further away from the shuttle. We were talking on party chat and on his screen he did not see anything unusual other than the habitat module door being open.
  14. Suggest use of tethers. Also, at least in you can walk in the air to leave the center. We eventually left the center of the moon by just walking away from it, finding our tunnel with the tether and following it back up to the lunar surface. ASTRONEER (Game Preview) - Center of Moon.mp4
  15. Additional screen shots Notice in the screen shot where my head is inside the mushroom the person I was playing with is inside the mushroom but no part of him is visible. You just see the tether connect from a platform to the mushroom. In the last picture we discover that we cannot dig up the mushroom and therefore cannot remove it.