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  1. Sorry for the translation. I do not speak English. However, the update caused questions. 1. Transformation of the capsule into the Residential module - you can not imagine anything worse. Is it really impossible to place unpackable boxes with the Living module and the platform in the capsule slots? And after creating the base, it just flies away. 2. When the capsule will learn to sit down in a FLOOR place? Often even in the tunnels landed. 3. Why are so bright colors in the soil? Pity the eyes of the players. 4. Who painted the new gun? Why again spoil everything? Do something new, and do not do it over and over again. 5. What is the astronaut sitting in the airlock? 6. Why does an astronaut fly back into the airlock? Can not just go in? 7. Why does the gateway always open, if you can enter only by pressing the E key? 8. Why is the gateway not illuminated from the inside? 9. Why is the light in the windows of the Residential module, when the astronaut is inside? 10. Jumping modules from boxes - this is a bad joke designer? 11. When will the pause menu appear? 12. Why is it necessary to press F1 again in every new game session? 13. Correct the bugs! 14. Correct the control of the rover! You press forward - you go ahead, and not where the camera and mouse point. 15. Do you test what you give to the players? I doubt it. Do you play Astronomer yourself? I doubt it. How else to explain the control of the E and Q keys, esc ... Stop breaking the game. Key on the keyboard a lot. 16. Are you sure that in the game XXV century? Someone show the designer a modern fantasy film! "Martian", for example. Design, management and color design from the XIX century. 17. Control panels on platforms and in knapsack are simply ugly and very uncomfortable. Increased control panels prevent seeing holograms. 18. When will normal cabins be created for rovers? 19. The residential module is beautiful. Platforms - OK. The rest is a new set of bugs and a poorly executed job. The control mechanics are terrible: find a tiny control panel to press E, understand that you have to hold E, inadvertently press Q, close it all up on esc, inadvertently click on the module installed on the platform, and then try to put it back and collect the scattered resources ... The worst update. Correct one error, release the update to make new over 9000. Hire professionals!