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  1. Yu Kazami

    dirt farming

    Would be nice if a storm even regenerates some dirt(and smooth it) +1
  2. Yu Kazami


    instead of a map there could also be advanced beacons(better distance and could be seen through mountians etc)
  3. rotating plaforms etc with the scroll wheel instead of z and x
  4. Yu Kazami

    Soil Drill (Name pending)

    I really like ur idea, having a machine for that so u dont need to "destroy" the planet. PLUS I'd generally like some upgrades for diffrent things(for example the backpack) ^^
  5. Yu Kazami

    Agriculture System

    I like the idea of a farm but i dont like growing research items, I think its good that u have to explore to improve ur "knowledge".
  6. So true. I'm also playing since 2016 and totally agree to u.
  7. Yu Kazami

    Improved Interactive Controls

    one more step into automatization. Love it!
  8. I'd appreciate it if it were possible to connect multiple cables in one plug or make cable intersections without building a whole platform.
  9. Every time I start the game i need to change my "rotate left" hotkey again (it resets when closing the game).
  10. Yu Kazami

    Improved Interactive Controls

    nice and handy. I would like this for all stations, just like u wrote. ^^
  11. Yu Kazami

    Quick connect between platforms

    sounds like a very helpful nice feature and for building bases like this, thigt and neat, some kind of walkways(in diffrent heights) probably would be nice
  12. Yu Kazami

    Jet/jump packs

    I really like the idea + it will be fun tho But for early death preventing there also could be some auto parachute thing that activates itself while falling into death. And the jetpack could be the "next level" to it
  13. Yu Kazami

    Base module

    Probably these bunches could just be integrated in the normal printer...?
  14. Yu Kazami

    Road (for Vehicles)

    I thought about a tool to draw roads that are flat and have a constant width so u can builds ways between ur bases. There could also be different types of roads(some have more width, some more hight, some have lights and some needs power so that u drive faster on them(my favourite)) Probably there could be even rails and kinda trains to automatically move resources(or urself XD) between ur bases.
  15. Yu Kazami


    for that something like a map would be nice but that is another story XD.