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    Update 0.6.5 - March 15th, 2018

    Awesome, we'll be "debugging" tonight with a 4 player session!
  2. Commander Don

    0.6.0 Research mod placement bug

    same happened to us with vehicle bay. unpacked on accident without table using alt/click. we ended up pushing it away from base and destroying it with a dynamite.
  3. Commander Don Extensions

    The extensions are a great addition! However, they are difficult to manipulate after being placed. It seams that the hit box to select the base of the extension piece is too small/difficult to click. A cool idea on top of that is to have a bit more light emitted from the extension node and have them carry air so you wouldn't have to run tethers along them, (make them more like tethers).
  4. Commander Don

    Work Light on Drill Head

    Agreed! Also to be able to mod the drill like with the terrain tool, wide, narrow etc. Things like flattening and depositing soil with the drill would be nice as well.
  5. Commander Don

    Steam - 6.0.0 - Vehicle bay printing speed

    Agreed, The timer for printing anything on the vehicle bay takes far too long.
  6. Commander Don

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Last night with the recent update; a group of four were "testing" the three seat attachment on a large rover. After one of us sat in the three seat the rest of the 3 were glitched. Any time you pressed "E" to pull out a terrain tool or try and use something, you would be automatically teleported to the three seat. It was possible to get in another seat by using alt/click on another vehicle, but the terrain tool was broken and would always lead to TP into the 3 seat.