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  1. Hello, It was sunny day, nothing foreshadowed troubles, i was shopping some zinс on the moon and when i go in to the shuttle ( it was 1-seat opened), it suddenly change to 1-seat closed! The control buttons disappeared and i can`t control it and escape from it! My friend come to me, he tooked 1-seat closed while i was there ( we have no 1-seat closed in this game ) and he saw a shuttle with 1-seat opened! He dropped me on the moon and he goes to home base ( i was on the moon in 1-seat closed) AND THEN HAPPEND THIS ! And nothing can fix this (
  2. Hello, This bug bas in last update and here it its ( in this ). SO: when we can`t rotate the cabin (when we try to print it ), we try all the staff and it didn`t work(
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    Beta test

    Hello dear SES, i was very upset about many bugs in game when update comes and i like to suggest you to make beta-tests of any update with few players and with NDA! With this you will have much less bugs on release )
  4. Good day. I probably found a bug. when you put the accumulated energy on a large car, it does not burst out and waits until the batteries of the machine run out and then only begins to consume the energy pack ! i want to make a screenshots but i had another bug ! I STUCK IN MYSELF !and i cant do anything !