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  1. Amphysbaenas

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Yes it is still flying ....
  2. Mouhahahaha it's funny but it's a real bug !!!!
  3. Amphysbaenas

    Satellite Mini Game

    i have to try that !!!
  4. Amphysbaenas

    Astroneer Workshop ;)?

    just voted
  5. Amphysbaenas

    Thruster ?!? How can i use it?

    this has no effects just visual thruster gaz
  6. Amphysbaenas

    Iron ??? What is that for????

    i tried to put it on the smelter and no action is possible ... for the moment
  7. Amphysbaenas

    Vessel Land on a flying rock

    Hi, how to colonize a new planet when you just land on a flying rock ????
  8. Hello, after loading my game save, It's appear that tree grow on my base item's ..... It's not good
  9. I find this in a cavern.... How can i use it?
  10. Amphysbaenas

    Ground texture bug

    This is what i can see some times , i don't how to do this bug again:
  11. Amphysbaenas

    Object bug

    This bug occures if the game crash or the player disconnect during habitat income The habitat rest there qnd as an object unusable.