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    Tether disappear when moved from ground to backpack

    I had this happen too but I didn't investigate it very thoroughly. I was too focused on something else. I did end up with some resources on my pack that I didn't remember gathering though. Is it possible that the tethers became compound on your backpack?
  2. I was hosting a game on Steam. Game version is My friend joined the world through Steam matchmaking but had problems with lag (probably due to limited bandwidth at my location or the high ping between us) and he crashed or de-synced several times. At one point when he crashed he was gathering compound from one of the renewable stacks. Even after he had shut down his game client, restarted it, and rejoined, every time I passed that location his terrain gun was visible in the world and still making gathering noises. I think, but I'm not sure, that it was also preventing the renewable resource from building up to its normal full stock level as well. Here is a pic of the terrain gun in gathering mode. I've also attached the save file if that's helpful in reproducing the bug, and there is another pic of my location with the compass relative to my main base in case the save doesn't re-load at the truck. AUTOSAVE_2_2016.12.26-17.40.39 - Bugged harvesting.sav
  3. First off, great work on Astroneer so far. I would especially like to salute your netcode. I think in one of your blogposts earlier you were talking about how you limited the scope of MP servers/matchmaking for the alpha to keep it within reach and that decision has REALLY paid off. I connected from Australia to a friend's PC on the East Coast of the US. There was an unavoidable amount of lag and some quintessintial alpha behavior (animation bugs on respawn, a few CTDs) but good lord it worked pretty much fine for a five-hour session. We never hit a showstopper where someone couldn't rejoin after they CTD'd or the game de-synced and we couldn't find each other or anything like that. As a result of that stability: I love the game, my friends who I convinced to buy it love the game, and we are all going to rave about it to other friends and no doubt some of them will buy it too. My only moments of frustration in the game have been while caving. the TL;DR of it: it would be great to have better options for vertical traversal and for marking a trail with breadcrumbs (as opposed to implementing a minimap or more detailed compass). Also, a somewhat unrelated suggestion about lighting and movement. I'm sure lots of other players have had the experience where you spot a resource you need in the distance and you decide to run for it, gather it, and dash back to your tethers before oxygen runs out. Far too late, we find out that there's a hole or chasm on the way that leads to a deep drop. You either die when you hit the ground, or you live but have no way to get back up to where you were before you suffocate. Even if you run around gathering oxygen to keep yourself alive, you're more likely to wind up extremely lost than to get back up to the previous level. Sometimes I've stubbornly lost several lives in a row trying to retrieve my gear or find out where that resource was. Right now the only workable solutions for vertical movement are trying to make a pillar/ramp with the terrain tool, or tunneling into the wall a ways and then trying to switchback/corkscrew an ascending tunnel to reach the previous level. Neither is very intuitive and both risk another fall from height (if when tunneling you break into yet another chasm and fall there). I have four suggestions for this situation: 1 - a jetpack. Up to you whether it's immediately craftable or has to be researched/found from derelicts. Maybe have it take up two slots in order to properly account for its utility/value. Or perhaps it could be attached to the wing slots on the backpack, since the solar panel and windvane aren't much use for generating power underground, and there's already a system for feeding fuel into an item there a la fueling the generator with a stack of organics. It would also be a good 2nd use for hydrazine and give a reason to seek it out in caves even after a fuel condenser has been built at the base. 2 - a grappling hook. It would be great to be able to grapple to the ceiling and pull yourself back up to the previous height, or at least reach a height greater than the range of your terrain tool so that making platforms to get back up isn't such a pain. It would also be an absolute joy to have a grappling hook that enables skilled players to move quickly and vertically like some Quake mods or good old Bionic Commando. 3 - different shapes for the terrain tool. If you could change it from a circle to an open crescent or angle, it would be easier to create lipped ramps and walkways which would reduce the danger of falling as you shape terrain to cross a chasm or return to your original height. 4 - some way to 'breadcrumb' your path. Tethers are tedious to place if you want to move at speed and they create a performance hit if you have placed too many. Beacons are too expensive in terms of materials to dot them all over, and aren't especially useful for pathfinding in caves with the relatively narrow fields of view one has. The most practical solution is to draw an arrow in the floor with the terrain tool at every intersection to pointing the way home, but that really detracts from the natural beauty of the environments you've created. What about a homing dot, similar in size and stackability to a tether, that when queried with a mouse click points to the nearest powered tether? I'm thinking of something with a button-ish look. You walk up to it, press the button in the center, then the rim lights up and blinks in the direction pointing back to your tether network? Alternately, if the pathfinding would be too expensive or be too hard to make work with edge cases (a tether directly above you if the cave has looped back on itself), some ability to set an arrow direction when you first place the breadcrumb. If you wanted to make them true breadcrumb tools rather than just a "show me the way home" object that lost players throw down, query, and just pick back up, you could make them placeable but not retrievable. Or perhaps limit the pathing range so that you have to leave a trail of them in order for them to provide any useful info. You might even make it so that activating one causes the next one in the chain to strobe until the player walks up and interacts with it. It then points the way homeward (or at least tether-ward) and causes the NEXT one in the path home to start strobing. 5. Finally, while it's generic to all caving and not just the 'find your way back from a fall' situation, it would be nice to be able to cast more light than the player's headlamp provides. I often find myself carrying items off-center as I run, since I don't want the carried item to block my view of where I'm going. But because the character's head is slaved to the cursor, I don't have light showing on the place where I'm headed! Perhaps we could have a craftable light that can be placed on the backpack 'wing' slots and either shine narrowly ahead (but ALWAYS straight ahead) or cast a moderately-sized globe in all directions.
  4. TL;DR the build command is still available even when the part seems to be incompatible with available space. The part will build but it falls off the ship and then can't be interacted with. Screenshot here. Steps to reproduce: Build a 4-socket shuttle at the vehicle bay. Build a 2-socket single seat onto the shuttle. Select to build a 4-socket storage unit. The arm will retract, but the build selector can still be interacted with and has an execute button even though the tool is upside down. Place the needed resources for the build and execute it. The storage unit will be built on the shuttle base but immediately fall off. After falling it cannot be picked up or interacted with. System specs: Win10 Home edition 64-bit CPU Core i7 4700 MQ @ 2.40 GHz GPU 2x Nvidia GT 750M Game run via Steam; not sure the exact game version I have but the Steam content BuildID is 1525813.