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  1. I had this happen too but I didn't investigate it very thoroughly. I was too focused on something else. I did end up with some resources on my pack that I didn't remember gathering though. Is it possible that the tethers became compound on your backpack?
  2. I was hosting a game on Steam. Game version is My friend joined the world through Steam matchmaking but had problems with lag (probably due to limited bandwidth at my location or the high ping between us) and he crashed or de-synced several times. At one point when he crashed he was gathering compound from one of the renewable stacks. Even after he had shut down his game client, restarted it, and rejoined, every time I passed that location his terrain gun was visible in the world and still making gathering noises. I think, but I'm not sure, that it was also preventing th
  3. First off, great work on Astroneer so far. I would especially like to salute your netcode. I think in one of your blogposts earlier you were talking about how you limited the scope of MP servers/matchmaking for the alpha to keep it within reach and that decision has REALLY paid off. I connected from Australia to a friend's PC on the East Coast of the US. There was an unavoidable amount of lag and some quintessintial alpha behavior (animation bugs on respawn, a few CTDs) but good lord it worked pretty much fine for a five-hour session. We never hit a showstopper where someone couldn't rejoin af
  4. TL;DR the build command is still available even when the part seems to be incompatible with available space. The part will build but it falls off the ship and then can't be interacted with. Screenshot here. Steps to reproduce: Build a 4-socket shuttle at the vehicle bay. Build a 2-socket single seat onto the shuttle. Select to build a 4-socket storage unit. The arm will retract, but the build selector can still be interacted with and has an execute button even though the tool is upside down. Place the needed resources for the build and execute it. The storage unit will be bui