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  1. Astrofun

    Use for Diamond and Nanocarbon Alloy

    Maybe combine this with another post I was commenting on here. See my post at the bottom.
  2. Astrofun

    Ana üs

    Google says this means: See the inside of the main base inside knows the body values and so on. we are able to see things... i think that they want to see the inside of the base, and various info from in there (researchables, etc.)
  3. Astrofun

    Kayıtlı oyunlara isim verebilelim

    I tried to translate this and couldn’t understand... I think it had to do with multiplayer but idk?
  4. Astrofun

    Long-Term Research bases

    I like the catalog idea. That seems cool because it really makes for more traditional looking rockets, instead of the odd looking large shuttle+2 large storages+3 medium storages+ a seat thing. This could allow more normal rockets with a “hidden” storage area. This rocket could also have sooper long range because its aerodynamic. Another door opened by this is cooler ultra-far destinations, like far planets or even other solar systems.
  5. Astrofun

    Space Stations

    Yes this would be amazing, but what would a practical application be? I dont understand how the refueling thing would work because it takes the same amount of energy to send fuel in its own ship up to space as I does to have it in your ship. Asteroid mining? Ultra large scale transport to another planet? amazing solar power? (No atmosphere=better solar efficiency) My personal fav. Is asteroid mining, kind of jumping from rock to rock and getting abundant resources.
  6. Astrofun

    World Names in Astroneer

    there it is.
  7. Astrofun

    World Names in Astroneer

    I actually enjoy their semi-random names (but not quite; exotic is colorful, Terran is your first home, and is based on latin’s Terra, for earth, which is real you’s Home.) also, I enjoy naming altercations on the planet, and some features like mines,mountains,roads, and settlements. I would like to back this up with specialized markers, which I will post in a second
  8. Astrofun

    Storm Sounds When Underground/Tunneling...

    I like the atmospheric affect of the sounds, but I think he is right on the caves are quiet point. Having weird sounds in a helium medium seems over the top though. I would like my caves to be quieter. Also, this affect could happen when you are in your enclosed capsules and/or habitat.
  9. Astrofun


    I like this guy /|\. short and sweet. (And awesome)
  10. Astrofun

    Planet Suggestions

    +1. I think the cascading sand would be extremely difficult to make for the devs, so I would not prioritize as high. However, I love the desert idea. Also, the desert would open up good use for the wreckage pieces, being like a “lost paradise”
  11. Astrofun

    Do away with teathers

    Yeah I was just reading this, and before I got to the retract idea I thought of that as well. Just go to the back of the tether line at your base, and give it a good yank (*funny animation*) and it rolls up back to you, in a pile of tether-blocks. Maybe even a tether- stacker for a aluminum and a compound. Plop it down at your base, and attach the first ina tether line. Reels em back in over a couple minutes. Or maybe just use the winch? Spear the first tether, and pull it in.
  12. Astrofun

    Findable blueprints

    I know this has already been suggested but it was a while ago, so i want to bring it up again. i think a really cool feature would be blueprints only obtainable by exploring, possibly only other planets. it feels kind of boring to research the 17th pod, trying to get that great looking self sufficient large rover scrapper train. So, most stuff could still be gettable by research, but one or two special stuffs ( maybe the big battery or other stuff) would be like this. If you ran into a satellite in the caves, you would scan the hard drive, and unlock the battery. Thanks for for making a great game. Luv it. Have fun with the idea.
  13. Astrofun

    Storm hunter

    That’s cool! I like the “storm planet” idea the most. +1
  14. Yeah, but if you could stick it anywhere, It would make hydrazine boring. Maybe, tethers could also carry hydrazine. so you would put tethers from a new “refinery” module to a oil spot with a “drill” module.