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  1. Astrofun

    Plant Seeds Growing in No Atmosphere

    Eh, I don’t see the point. I think having plants on that planet would be OK. Besides, it’s an alien plant, why should it need an atmosphere?
  2. Astrofun

    Train concept (With 3D model concept)

    I think the train would still be useful because it would be the Easiest/cheapest way to get to the big purps on the surface (or the center ones too)
  3. Astrofun

    Placeable Signposts?

    This has been suggested lots... even if it would just have a left or right facing arrow, I would be happy. Still, no cupcake yet. For now, a handy trick is to always put your tethers on the left side of the cave. When you want to go back, run so that the tethers are on your right.
  4. Astrofun

    Map workstation

    i always found the map in minecraft extremely fun, and i would like another thing like that. a prospect for what this could be is a little rocket (1 or 2 astroneer-heights) built with hard but not difficult stuff. (ima come back to this in 5 min)
  5. Astrofun

    Big Vehicle Concept (3D Model Concept)

    a single-part vehicle has less lag... and as such would be perfect for a mobile base. i like your model, too. where are you from? i would guess France, but idk. your english is pretty good.
  6. Astrofun

    Storage module for tractor trailer

    yes this would take the use from the medium rover... for that i say -1
  7. Astrofun

    Train concept (With 3D model concept)

    it is not good, but easy. i did that on an Ipad, which would make most 3d designers cringe. it is quite fun to mess with once you get the controls. all you need to do it is internet access and an email, which is nice
  8. Astrofun

    Train concept (With 3D model concept)

    I was bored in science class today so I whipped this up in TinkerCAD (it’s a web-based mobile CAD software.) you can’t change the color of stuff in this program, so this isn’t the color I wanted it to be. Anywayses, here you go
  9. “1. Overall stability. When my friend connected to my game for the purpose of multiplayer, there is a very noticeable drop in FPS that does not go away. Furthermore, he has already died multiple times from falling through a glitching world and even lost his entire character once for some reason. For this reason he doesn't even really want to play with my until the game is updated.” Stability updates are coming out for Xbox and PC (but Xbox needs it more... I’ve been playing on a mediocre Xbox with 2 friends and it’s terrible)
  10. Bruv did you understand the cutscene when you beat the game? It shows Your solar system, which transforms into a symbol, which connects to some other symbols like it. To me, the implications are clear. It means that our astroneer got teleported to another solar system. That’s what I thought of it, but I’m not sure if that is correct. What were you guys thinking?
  11. I doubt they would let us start on other planets, but maybe... i looove the original idea, sometimes I have to go through a couple saves (starting one, deleting it, starting one, deleting it) to find one I like. I would enjoy this feature, but a problem could be that people would land as close to the big purps as possible, and it wouldn’t be such a trouble to travel there.
  12. Astrofun

    Beating the game on console

    Better optimization will keep coming, hopefully making the game playable on other planets.
  13. Astrofun


    automation is on the roadmap, so it will probably happen. What is needed is suggestions for where to implement it.
  14. Astrofun

    Bigger, better worklight (floodlight)

    I would like this for our bases, too
  15. Astrofun


    That would be a great use for scrap!