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  1. That’s a nice idea. Also, no need to limit it to the trailer, could be useful on the normal rovers too
  2. A VR mode needs to be in FPP, keep that in mind
  3. Your right, I meant getting the thread locked, not banned
  4. Please read the introductory thread before you post...
  5. I totally agree with Mr. Morse. For me, the game feels like the space age, V2. I believe that a hover should never make it into the game, (maybe a MagLev train, but not actual “hovers”) the game style is amazing, but a hover’s high-tech would not fit in. Besides, even if this is the 2500’s, we are technically making all this stuff by ourselves, with a machine no bigger than a washing machine (medium printer) or a shed (large printer) and a bunch of research from some alien beach balls. All the technology in the game (that the player makes) is actually quite old as well (RTG’s were invented in the 1950’s.) I just had an idea about what else we could have instead of a hover and now I’m going to do some research and write a new thread. I’ll link it here when I’m done.
  6. yes, with the drilling mechanics as is, flowing water would be... difficult. I would pin the time to develop at much longer than is practical to do. The system requirements would jump to the moon and multiplayer servers could be largely compromised. On the plus side, other implementations may be possible. Take a look at this (ancient) thread for some prompts about drilling if you are interested.
  7. Sorry, we misunderstood each other. I know what you meant by: This is correct. We have “small wind turbine” and “small solar panel” in T1, “medium wind turbine” and “medium solar panel” in T2. In T3, we have the “solar bank” and the RTG. I guess that the giant solar array wreck counts as a T4, but it doesn’t really matter. this new one would count in T3. What I was saying is for the solar bank, you obviously get 50% on, 50% off. But for the new T4 wind turbine you are thinking up, the requirements are 3 speed or 4 speed wind, which I think would make it irrelevant. (I don’t have any data on wind types however.) It is evident that if the T4 turbine is to be balanced with the T4 solar, it would need to be 50%, 50% as well, if it had the same power output. (It could also be active 25% of the time, with 2x the power, or 75% of the time, with 75% of the power. I would discourage anything higher than 75% because that is the realm of the RTG.)
  8. Be warned, this could get you banned. Look on the welcome thread for banned topics please.
  9. Hmm, this is interesting. This would make the purple sattelite thing a great trading area for stuff. Nice idea.
  10. Don’t apologize, we all admire the work you’ve put in to this thread. I could never match those 3D designs. Thanks putting in all that time and effort.
  11. I’m sorry to see this thread go but there is only a certain distance that a thread can travel without dev/moderator feedback. I honestly would feel better about a no from a dev than it just hanging here like this. (But then again, they don’t want to spoil next update =)) maybe we could try and get this one noticed for a final decision? I’m not sure.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. The “train” idea already has its own huge thread that I’ll link in another comment, but the plane comes up less often. Tell us more of what you are th0nking! I’m interested.
  13. I very much need this, expecially as an XBOX player with the TV ten feet away
  14. My ideas: a true “dune” planet: not calidoor, but actual sand (it wouldn’t have to flow and stuff, normal terrain in would be fine) no trees/vegetation, just lots of sandy area. Some large mountain ranges would be nice- good views and is more interesting. No huge worms included. A gas giant: just to look at, and have moons on. Simple to implement, and opens up some room for “mini-moons”. Small moons (1/4 or less radius of desolo) that are “expendable”. Each one has some ammonium, so hopping between them makes sense if you have a chem station. Just pop to a random one and explore! an island planet: small islands with normal rock sorrounded by undrillable, vast expanses of... something. I’m not sure what it should be, but whatever it is would be undrillable and barren. Under these islands, however, is a thriving underground system to explore. This is kind of a meme, but a supersized planet: a planet with normal geographical features to an extreme level. Instead of cave entrances 15 feet tall, they would be 150. With hills like mountains and mountains that touch space, I think this could be some crazy fun. The game already makes some fun places, and this might make them funnier. Deserts, again: maybe it’s just me but I don’t like calidoor. For some reason it seems to me like calidoor doesn’t feel like a desert and I wanted to say it again. The reason for this is that they just need to make much it brighter. That’s my easiest change idea, just make calidoor brighter
  15. I have seen many discussions on new ideas for planets, and have loved lots of them. For this reason I created this thread, and here’s how it will go. I am going to edit this post with all the new planet ideas I can find in old threads. If you think of a new idea/find one that isn’t here, comment it and I’ll add it in. Talking about them (pros/cons, details, etc.) in comments is good. by Mountainous planet: A planet predominantly covered in mountains. Gray in color, this planet could have below average gravity (which helps create mountains), and have many natural resources, such as Hematite and Titanite, among others. Using rovers on these planets would be very impractical, as sheer cliffs and many holes would halt transportation to a standstill. Some type of hovercraft could be used instead. This planet will also enjoy high solar and moderate to high wind. Stormy planet: A planet covered in a storm, similar to what Calidor used to be, but a bit different. Dust storms or other types of storms (rainstorm, thunderstorm, high wind?) would be present here. This planet would certainly be a challenge, but many of the rarer materials (or perhaps new ones) should be found to make going to this planet worthwhile. Patches of "calm" should also exist, where there are no storms. Solar power would be almost useless, while wind power would be dominant.  Asteroid/Ice belt: An asteroid belt or ice belt would be an unusual addition to this game. Almost no gravity would exist on the belt, nor will wind. Solar power would be the likely choice for these planets. Using a hovercraft would likely be one of the only ways around on this area. These areas would host a variety of materials, and thus, can be a great spot for mining colonies. Asteroid belts and Ice belts would be very similar, apart from different appearance and maybe materials.