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    Tracker/Beacon Icon Improvement; Perhaps map/compass?

    Thats really helpful, thank you. I didn't know the beacons have that. I still think a map or compass sytem would be a better longterm fix, as the more i explored, I realized how enormous the planets were. Its very easy to lose where home is, and I suppose I could try travelling all the way around, but theres no way to know if i'm in line with my base. I think I'd also like if the modules automatically flattened terrain in a uniform shape, as one big plateau, instead of it following th shape of the landscape. Terraforming is very difficult and I have a lot of trouble making flat surfaces that don't slant up or down.
  2. I bought the xbox game preview of Astroneers almost on day one. I adore the game, and have delighted with every improvement and addition. One thing that hasn't changed, but needs to, are the icons for home/beacons/vehicles. The colour is difficult to see against the sky sometimes, and its especially bad when clouds pass because the clouds completely obscure the icons. I can't tell you how many times i've had to abandon a save because i got too far from home and spent hours trying to find home base again, but couldn't. If clarity of the icons through distance/weather/terrain can't be managed, I would highly recommend a map system of some sort. Perhaps basic geographical terrain that is filled in as you explore, with icons clearly visible on the map, or perhaps a compass system like on Skyrim.