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  1. Would be lovely if mounting a seat to the front there would be an animation of how it adjusts itself so it ends in a position like in your 2nd image.
  2. Okay...it took me some time to find a fitting title and still I am not sure if that's the one I need. I saw the stream, got the update and read the patchnotes (0.6.5) and I already have a suggestion to the three platforms which have been added. The winged LARGE PLATFORM C: Imagine you could move your cursor on one of the wings, hold it and then pull it to turn it on a vertical axis. The storages wouldn't be fixed to the outsides. Funny and annyoing if they would spin during storms The Display Platform LARGE PLATFORM D: This one needs a little bit more words to explain. Imagine they were not two displays but three mounted on a round structure on their sides. Like cabins on a Ferris Wheel. The third display would be triggered inactive. Either you just pull the wheel part up or down to spin it or add a little control panel with an up and down button to make it spin and locking into the three possible positions. The EXTRA LARGE PLATFORM: The octagonal part is still fixed but on top of that would be a spinnable plate on which the slots are. By clicking and drawing the plate you simply turn the table/module on it. Don't run around the Extra Large Storage, you turn it to you. Have a Vehicle Station on it? Just spin it and you have multiple places to park your vehicles/platforms around it. P.s. I know the measurements in my sketch are off and no module would fit there
  3. I saw someone talking about it on discord and I might have an idea how it might look in the game. The splitters might be something like cubes with four power sockets around them. On the bottom is a slot like other modules have. If the splitter is set on the floor it gets a base like other small modules (wind turbine, solar panel) but if it is placed on a base it can take power from the bottom slot and may distribute them through the four power sockets and vice versa. The splitters can be stacked to build something like a splitter tower or vertical power strip. The switch might look like a splitter with only two power sockets on opposite sites and the top slot is exchanged (for the fun) like a huge illuminated power switch. Turned on power may pass this module, if turned off no power will pass. But now, as a bonus, comes the funky part: If a switch is placed on top of a splitter(tower) it controls all modules below it. Attention: But if a splitter is placed on top of the switch it turns into a simple true/false logic switch. If the module(splitter) on top of the switch is powered the switch itself turns on and allows power passing. Currently there's no use for such a logic switch but who knows what comes.
  4. Not even a really slow farm to generate only organic? Needing sunlight and soil (but far less soil than reproducing organic via Mineral Extractor).
  5. Maybe as mono-rail. They may be built like the heavy wires in the attached picture. And the waggon may get a special module which is nothing but a control panel with 3 buttons: forward, backward, stop. If using the control panel the waggon will drive automatically along the rail and stop at the last segment. But by far slower than driving it manually via seat. Consumes energy but can be connected to the base or ay other power device.
  6. An automated drone, occupying a backpack slot. On the drone itself you can place up to two (or even 3?) objects. The drone drains energy from it's own internal battery and if it depletes it returns automatically to the "docking station". If the docking station is on your backpack the drone will consume your astroneer's energy to reload. Now the drone only needs a purpose. My first thought is a courier service: Put things on it and it travels somewhere, unloads and comes back. But I really have no idea how to implement and control this. If (defensive) weapons may be implemented drones could be a way to automate this: Defense drones for yourself or the base at the cost of constant energy drain and small downtimes while recharging. Utility System Carrier: Working Light, Material Detectors (A detector is specifically calibrated for only one material thus you need multiple different ones for a general scanner), built in beacon...
  7. After watching the VLOGs it looks like a less permanent base building is aimed for; everything must be mobile and you'll be able to live complete nomadic. They are working on rovers in different sizes, where the current rover is the 3rd smallest/biggest and I imagine there also may be ideas for shuttles in more different sizes. Maybe even a really huge one which is able to transport the rover (and the two smaller variants) in exchange for precious space on the shuttle itself.