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  1. After all the work we go through to unlock planet cores so we can fast travel between planets, having to travel 4 times to do so makes the payoff bitter sweet, especially when you can only carry what’s on your backpack. Please update the process to where we can travel to a different planet in one go. I don’t think this would take anything away from the game. If you disagree then at least make the repeat jumps more worthwhile by letting us carry things like a medium storage. Even if you don’t agree with that, at least let us rename nodes so we don’t have to remember which one is c
  2. Hopefully this makes its way into the Terrain 2.0 update. Between these and the large rocks, I’m starting to think SES is of the mind that keeping rovers from being able to drive freely without encountering obstacles every few feet presents us with a fun challenge. It’s not fun. It’s irritating. There are enough obstacles with the large plants, ravines and alien life forms.
  3. Need a way to recycle things like old platforms, accidentally printed items, etc.
  4. Need more power / climbing gear. 45 degrees is the only angle I seem to be able to make truly flat
  5. Or remove them altogether. They don’t really add anything to the game and just make driving frustrating. Especially when they don’t appear until it’s too late to steer around them
  6. Need a snap-to system. Both for terrain tool - lay terrain horizontal, vertical, 45 degree in 8 directions and then also for base building - align new platform with existing parallel, perpendicular, 45 degree
  7. Love the new system. Would be cool to be able to repack modules and platforms after they’ve been deployed so we could move a base. Also, I think the river update may have made it to where you can no longer tow the large solar arrays.
  8. I just finished my fifth base in Astroneer Alpha for Xbox. Your game has the potential to be one my all-time favorites. The list below are 13 things that can help get it there. Many are already on your roadmap or list of suggestions, but I’m listing them anyway because why I want them may lead to alternate solutions than the ones I thought of. Plus, collectively, they’ll demonstrate which ones a particular gamer has interest in over the plethora that others have submitted. 1. As I’m sure you’re aware, the game crashes consistently around every 15 saves. Please deploy an update