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  1. Dungeon Shredder, nice rig as well! Doesn't have to be pretty as long as it's functional!
  2. After 248 hours, I've finally beat the game. Absolutely amazing and looking forward to more. Thank you
  3. I unfortunately don't have a video or a screenshot.. For some reason it didn't occur to me to grab one but I will try to replicate later today. Here is the issue. I took off in the small shuttle on the starting planet, selected Vesania to travel to. When I got there, there was a landing zone right on one of the gateway chambers. So thinking I would land really close to it, I clicked on that landing zone. As the ship got closer to the surface of the planet, the ship was headed straight for the gateway chamber. Next thing I know, the ship stops while in mid air, thrusters starts up again and I'm back in space. I thought "how weird...", then selected a different landing zone. Now here is where things get worse. When I finished collecting Lithium, I got in my ship, jetted off to space and the thruster broke. This can only make me assume that when my ship redirected to space after attempting to land on the gateway chamber, it used my return trip home on the thruster. So now I'm stuck on Vesania trying to find ammonium and smelt Aluminum in order to get back home
  4. I'm just putting this out there. I've got a small community of friends and we all enjoy playing games together. I host a lot of our game servers on my home lab setup. System Era, If you need anyone to test the dedicated server system, please, I'd be happy to test. Also, keep up the great work!! This game is absolutely amazing and I was so blown away the first time I launched 1.0!!!
  5. While playing online with a friend, went to make rubber in the Chemistry Lab. Events are as follows... Opened control pad Pressed button to start rubber creation Closed control pad Rubber creation started Opened up control pad mid process Chemistry Lab stopped processing, made the completion *ding*, then spit out half completed rubber component Chemistry lab is now completely locked up. Will not let you grab the half completed component. After reload of games both on my end and buddy's game, the Chemistry Lab stays the same after reload. Link to Video: https://youtu.be/kM345SeInN4
  6. When you and your buddy need to duplicate lithium but takes too long to fill canisters by hand
  7. Video of large rover not charging as well. Even with two sources of power input ASTRONEER 02.24.2018 - (3).mp4
  8. Attached video of what was going on ASTRONEER 02.24.2018 - (2)TrimTrim.mp4
  9. Just experienced an issue where I fully charged my large rover. Once fully charged, disconnected large rover from charge tether and it began draining. Drove it away from base, stepped out of driver seat, rover still continued to drain power. Also, rover now will not recharge. Saved and reloaded the game, rover still discharging when not being used. My character was full on charge, I did check that.
  10. I'm noticing and issue when I go to pick up items from fallen space crafts where if I don't immediately put them in my back pack, they some times just glitch through the ground and fall through till I assume they hit a cave. For example, picked up titanium, copper, and aluminum via Shift + click to put them in my pack. Then proceeded to pick up a chair, placed it on the ground outside of the hole I was in and it fell through the ground.
  11. I have also noticed something similar to this and found out that randomly, a tether back at my base becomes disconnected from the base which then shuts off all other tethers connected to it.
  12. This might be something someone has already said but there are a few issues with vehicles that I have experienced in this last week of playing. Seems that after either textures loading from a distance or when saving a game, the vehicles will glitch out and disappear. Two of the three experiences I've had, the vehicle was shot straight up into the atmosphere of the planet that I was one. The third experience, the truck disappeared underground and I found it stuck in the planet material hanging from the ceiling of a cave system right under my base. I'll try and post screenshots when I'm back home. Mouse/Keyboard Playing on Steam