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  1. What do you mean 'enhance'? Fly faster or what?
  2. I thought, it could be used for exploration and fast travel (without much strorage)
  3. What if, tethers had some kind of flow inside from the source. I mean some kind of darken areas could travel inside from the source of the oxygen (from base, through branchings to the player), preventing getting lost.
  4. No, map is totaly diffrent story, I don't think that would work. I think that maps whould not sit in this game, those could destroy the gameplay. But something would be needed.
  5. OK, there is one problem... Base beacon have rather small radious. I think that Hovercrafts should leave some kind of track behind and maybe have the possibility of automaticaly coming home.
  6. Yes, maybe you're right. Maybe only the small version should be added...
  7. Hovercraft - new vehicle They could fly at about 1 astroneer hight. They could be very fast but slide on turns. (drift) They should rather be for exploration or fast journeys between the bases. They should slow down, if too much cargo is onboard They shurely should to be resistant to small and medium holes I think that there could be two versions: -small - two fans (or some sci-fi things) and 4 dots (for example 1 seat and 1 unknown) -medium - four fans and 6 to 8 dots Maybe seats should be builded in for more aerodynamic look (the oryginal seats are
  8. Yes, they could scan terrain for the specified resources and show them on screen (like wallhack or xray). In Subnautica drones works great, devs should inspire from that. As tam12025 wrote it would just better sit in this game if they would be autonomous.
  9. I think that smaller bases with ability to be upgraded and enlarged would be better. Like on planet bases but with housing. It could be possible to put a habitatin the orbit and start your new base. This could be one of the steps to the victory.