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    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    can we have those wheel steer like what we have before? like back into the 0.5.0 steering style, where the front and rear end of the wheel steer opposite direction of the both end?
  2. tam12025

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    i have trouble with the large rover after the update, including jumping after leaving the vehicle, have difficulty getting into the large rover while holding E and nothing happens.
  3. tam12025

    Large and or median tanks and containers

    i also agreed on the urgency of having a container to storge the minerals. while all of my storage is plugged onto a medium storage on large rover roadtrains. while i know it's a programming complication, but i still think it's necessary to have around the game, and later to develop a crane tip module for cargo handling is also a important aspect of the ingame mechanism.
  4. tam12025

    Train concept (With 3D model concept)

    haha, thats a good idea, however, i have somewhat simplified version of a autonomous solution is to make a autopilot modules for rovers, compliment by another version of smart beacon, when the map system become online on next build, we shal make use of it and make a route for the autonomous rover train. that i think it's more cost effective option. By all means trains are better in the long run. Since i'm a such a bean counter, i prefer having a cheaper option that is. nicely done anyways! i really do love the idea of it. as long as it is more cost effective
  5. tam12025

    Build Cities

    well, whats the point to make a city where you have vase amount of space?? i don't get it...unless building a factory complex for making something even bigger, thats a vaild point, there should be a balanced point if we should use AI to suppliant if there isn't enough player to operate the facility. or this game would turns into a kid friendly version of semi-fallout series tyoe of game.
  6. tam12025

    An Idea For An Elevator

    i think it's best that elevator shaft made out of compounds and resin, in modules ; elevator shaft, and elevator units. made from small medium and fabricator, the shaft should be build both ways, either we build on the ground and drill down, or like agent wolf says. build from underground. and make it's way up there, it should either powered by powercell, generator and or batteries. to be fair for in-game balance.
  7. tam12025

    Land Carrier!!!!!

    let's be honest, having multiple base in kind of wasteful, and i think the dev team is making a larger version of the rover as we speak. let's make this official!! To make Moving base, a Biga** one moving in relatively slow speed, as a land carrier Train!!. The base should either consist of future larger sized rover, or a series of printed components print out from vehicle bay, and to be assembled by the crane, bit by bit. module would be build in and outside of the base with integrated mobile crane. build everything and operate every modules we need inside and act as storage of rover and small shuttle and future intra-planetary craft. wheels powered by hyderzine, and everything else relays on batteries. can either piloted by player or autonomous.
  8. tam12025


    i agreed with that idea, but it's better to make them autonomous, the user can set their search radius. Use of small batteries packs for energy and a canister of hydrazine for main power generation for the battery, much like the real world industrial drone available on the market today.