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  1. It may be stupid of a comment on my side, but it does not make any sense to me, since one cannot recycle, or discard ship after use (I tried to explode it). So, if i'm to visit 30 planets, i'll need to build 30 large ships? Kind of an annoyance. Or maybe i should build an aircraft cemetery (just saying).
  2. Shuttle cannot start constructions. Blue "action ring" doesn't show up under Large Shuttle. Mouse/keyboard. Steam version up-to-date. After landing with large shuttle, and it happened more then once, the blue "action ring" that allows the creation of new structures does not show up. Build a large shuttle, put a battery, 2 large solar panels over a large storage, fuel tank was full, plus 2 medium storage units with several resources on them. (The screenshots attached does not have a full tank anymore)