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    A list of ideas

    1) I agree with you here. I don't really know what could be added/changed so that research is still valuable after you unlock everything though. 2) I feel like this is unnecessary. I've never really had much trouble just following my tethers back. 3) YES! A grapple would be amazing for cave exploration! 4) Rovers and shuttles do pretty well at transporting you around the planet so I don't think a teleporter would be worth it. 5) This would be nice but your habitat already has a built in beacon that you can see from pretty far away and you can just place beacons down to help guide you back if you plan on going that far. 6) I don't really have an opinion about this but anything to make the game look better/cooler sounds good to me. 7) This would be great to have. Maybe you accidentally made the wrong type of platform or you have no use for an old one anymore and want to get rid of it. If you could recycle it and get at least some of the materials back that you used to make it that would be great. 8) I like this, definitely should be added! More places to explore and find unique research or resources. 9) I think there already are a couple items that require multiple resources (I can't think of any right now). I'm torn on this idea though because I like that most things just require one type of resource to make, especially since there really aren't that many different types of resources. But if more resources get added into the game I think it would be good to have to use multiple types to make certain items. 10) A low flying vehicle would be awesome to have! Maybe it could get you places really quickly (another reason not to need a teleporter) but maybe it's storage space is very limited. You could use it more to scout out areas and see if there is anything interesting there, drop a beacon, and then fly back to get a rover with more storage capacity to gather up whatever you found. It would also be fun just to fly around for fun, especially around the mountainous areas. Those areas look amazing but can be really hard to explore so a flying vehicle would be really useful.
  2. Matt Johnson

    New idea for research

    Another way to conduct research and unlock the ability to travel to other planets would be to create space probes (like voyager) that you send out into space. When you first start the game maybe there are only 1 or 2 other planets that you can go to, but you could research a space probe that you then send into space. You would need hydrazine to fuel it, obviously, and depending on how much you put in determines how far the space probe will go and how much information it collects. For example, a small amount of hydrazine (1 canister?) would only go as far as the nearest planet and it would just unlock the ability for you to fly there. If you filled the space probe up with more hydrazine (4 canisters?) if could go further and discover more planets, or if those planets have already been discovered it would gather information about it's climate and resources. More extended example; You start the game on Terran but you can also see Barren and have the ability to travel there (with a shuttle). Other planets may still be visible in the night sky but you are unable to fly to them. You research a space probe that has a fairly high cost of bytes (6,000+) and put 2 canisters of hydrazine into it. It then flies off for a couple days and then returns "full of research." Maybe you get some bytes as a reward but the main thing you get back is information about other planets. You had put enough hydrazine in it so it was able to get information about Barren's climate and most abundant resources and it found the planet Arid. Since it's the first time your probe has seen Arid, you still know nothing about it but you have now unlocked the ability to fly there. Then you put 4 canisters of hydrazine into your space probe and send it off again. This time it takes more days to return since it can take a longer journey, but once it returns it has more information, and possibly more bytes are awarded. Now it has information about Arid's climate and most abundant resources, and it's found the planet Radiated and Exotic and unlocked the ability to fly to those planets. The basic idea is, the more hydrazine you put into the space probe, the further it goes, the longer it's gone, and the more potential information it can collect (obviously there is a limit to how much information it will get since there are only so many planets). Once it finds a planet, you can fly to that planet, but you cannot fly there until your space probe has found it. After it finds a planet, you will have to send your space probe again in order to gather information about that planet's climate and resources. I feel like this would be a fun way to find other planets and know a little bit about them before actually going there. You could then expand on this by needing special parts for your shuttle in order to land on certain planets. Like if you land on Radiated you need a special heat shield in order to not burn up since it's so close to the sun, or for Tundra you need some de-icer so that you don't freeze. But the only way to know this before going there is to send a space probe to gather information about those planets. Those special items could be unlocked, but instead of using bytes to unlock them you have to send your space probe tp the planet that requires that special item.
  3. Matt Johnson

    Adding rings around planets

    I know there are plans to add more planets and I think it would be cool to have one that had a ring system like Saturn does. The main reason is just to look cool but it could also serve as a way to tell where you are on the planet, although it wouldn't be the best or most reliable way since, from the surface, the ring(s) would look the same form different locations. Having rings could also encourage more exploration around the surface of the planet. At least I know I would definitely travel to different locations around the planet just to see what the ring(s) would look like from there.
  4. Matt Johnson

    Ability to transport rover via spaceship

    I'd love to see some way to transport rovers to other planets, maybe with some sort of "vehicle transport attachment" that you can place on your shuttle. It could be basically a platform that has a ramp extending down to the ground so you would have to drive your rover onto it (little bit of an extra challenge). Once the rover is in place it locks in, the ramp retracts, and you're able to fly to another planet. After you land again, you can get in the rover, the ramp extends again, and you can drive off. Maybe transporting rovers would require slightly more hydrazine or something like that.