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  1. Menecroth

    SES Vlog 028: Splitters & Space Kamehamehas

    That's a fantastic idea! I'd love it if the generators would just come on at night.
  2. Menecroth

    The "Basebuilding Update" - February 22nd, 2018

    Lol. Yeah, I guess I assumed it had been released already. Waiting patiently. . . How 'bout now?. . .
  3. Menecroth

    The "Basebuilding Update" - February 22nd, 2018

    Excellent! Time to fire up Ye Olde Xbox and start a new game. I have a base to build!
  4. Menecroth

    Storms as an Option?

    Hello, everyone! I'd first like to say that I just bought the game on Xbox and it's absolutely fantastic. I can't believe how addictive it is! One thing I'd like to suggest though is that perhaps the storms could be an option which could be turned on or off. For me, they don't really add anything to the game and I find them to just be an interruption. However, I had read on a forum somewhere that some people like them and would even like them to be more severe; perhaps even causing damage. Having said that, I'd like if there were an option to simply turn them on or off but there could also be options for how frequent and how severe the storms are. Just thought I'd put in my two cents. Love the game! -Menecroth
  5. Hello! I'm new to the forum (just bought the game on Xbox) and I just happened upon this post. I absolutely agree that the rover controls could use some work. I think it would be easier to drive the rovers if their controls were more like they are in racing games; I.E. Right trigger, accelerate, left trigger, brake. I also agree with the parking brake idea. That would help in so many situations as I've had problems similar to those mentioned above.