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  1. I recently started playing this game after a very very long hiatus. The last time I played was when atmospheric condensers were introduced. Anyway it's a lot of fun but the mission system has me concerned because it seems like it's meant to guide you through the game which is fine for newer people but that makes me wonder if every new game will always contain the exact same missions. I hope the missions aren't always the same like i fear. I imagine that i'd like to get my base set up before I do missions, which makes me wonder if I will get access to harder missions despite not doing any up until that point. I do hope they are randomized missions that I'm able delete from the mission board if I don't feel like doing them. For example I just awakened all the planets and don't feel like doing that again. What does everyone else think of this.
  2. in short. I noticed that when I found wreckage of habitats and damaged platforms they were marked as debris so I tried blowing them up with dynamite and found that I only got 1 piece of debris from the explosion, and that's if I was lucky. I think it would be a good idea to have items marked as debris and wrecked to break apart into several debris chunks when they are blown up by dynamite. This would allow players to actually shred the exploded pieces for scrap. The amount of pieces from an explosion can vary depending on the size of the item you are blowing up. If it's an abandoned habitat you could get a lot of debris chunks, whearas if it's just a platform then maybe you could only get 3 or something. Just a thought.
  3. This feature is listed in the roadmap and I Can't be the only person excited for them. I keep thinking about actually gathering materials and exploring and basically playing the game but having some sort of randomized goal to meet. I'm so stoked for this. I can only hope that the goals they give us are randomized. Like refine a load of hematite or create a bunch of aluminum alloy or craft a huge base or gather x amount of research. I can't be the only one looking forward to this is anyone else looking forward to this?
  4. why not have a delete all teathers option. I mean it would work a lot better for performance if once you're done exploring an area there is some option somewhere to just delete them all. So you don't have to go collect them.
  5. Yeah so I think this is a great game I mean I've plugged 70+ hours into it. But at the same time I just want the game description so badly. I want to strike it rich I want to have the objective of getting rich. I want Gold to be added to the game or some form of objective. I also want the harsh environments as well, meaning I want to struggle to survive through complex weather systems and various hazards. It's too easy to survive the conditions that are in the game now which makes it boring. I do hope that the complex hazards and such they are adding will fix this. Currently the game just doesn't fit the steam description and I just want it to soo badly. The reason I didn't post this in suggestions was because people have already said it before. I just hope that that they do add objectives but then again 1.0 does say narrative driven via gameplay, so maybe the game will fit the game description which would be absolutely fantastic.
  6. hmm I like the part where you describe more of an endgame based upon terrain mapped discoveries logged etc. It does let players tailor their experience like you said. Which is actually a great idea. I suppose the leaderboards part could easily go out the window come to think of it. It could just be an optional objective sort of thing. Where maybe your end score is never uploaded to a leaderboard of any kind. So that the results would only stay with the player. Maybe there could be optional objectives with each run, such as set up a farming system on radiated or map out a lot of terrain. Or so on and so forth. That would also work I think. I still think a retirement system is a good idea but the end scoring should be more complex kind of like the way you described it and should probably not be on a leaderboard. I think it's extremely important to have goal oriented gameplay in the game that makes use of existing gameplay. The reason for this is because astroneer has a finite amount of planets you can explore. So at some point in each save you come to a point to where there is nothing else to do. But with goal oriented gameplay you could start a new game and have goals to achieve that would make exploring and crafting more fun and meaningful. And then when you are finished with that game you can start a new one and complete the goals again. The game could have infinite replayability but I think in order for astroneer to achieve that. They will have to implement goal oriented gameplay that is embedded within existing gameplay. I hope all of this made sense and thankyou for giving such a thoughtful response to my suggestion it is appreciated.
  7. Hi all. So I've seen many threads on here for suggestions for more goal oriented style gameplay but they all seem to separate themselves from the main game itself too much such as finding specific things in the game world to achieve a certain end. And while there is nothing wrong with this sort of gameplay being included within astroneer. As a matter of fact I think narrative driven gameplay will be added in the future. But with that being said I think it is vital that the developers make good use of the procedurely generated worlds themselves and make use of already existing mechanics such as exploration and resource gathering and here is why. -retirement system. I think there should be gameplay centered around giving your astroneer enough finances to retire. Simply put I think it would be a good idea to be able to collect resources from the different planets and have a building you can put your spare resources into. And then have the building take the resources into space. It would be similar to the trade platform with the only difference being that when the items are sent into space. They are somehow sold for currency. So basically the building would be a retirement platform. And the game should somehow notify you of how much funds you have gathered for your retirement. It could be simple such as titanium and lithium give you the most money and resin and compound give you the least. And then once you have you grown tired of a certain saved game you can choose to retire your astroneer at which point in time the game lets you know how well you did. This could be done through a global scoreboard or an A through F grading system. Meaning that if you gather a lot of resources you could get an A+ when you retire your astroneer. Your grade should also vary on the next category below. -Cartographic system. Now before I go into this I do need to say that I checked the road map and saw cartographics on it. There was no detail as to what the developers meant by that. But it was there nonetheless. In my opinion cartographic data can be gathered while traversing the planet and collecting resources. For example going into a cave that is 10 kilometers away from your base and gathering laterite there should give you a cartographic bonus when you cash them into your retirement. So then not only are you supporting your retirement but you are also gaining cartographic data by doing so. The amount of cartographic data the player gets should be communicated to him or her when they use the retirement platform. Now as for research you find, well there should be an option somewhere in the game that allows you turn all of your found research into cartographic data. Which in turn will give you a better grade at the end of your game. Maybe they could put a second platform in the game that you can build for this. Cartographic scoring should be done using an algorithm that takes into account how far away from the base you were when you the resources and whether or not you were above or below ground when you got them. For example let's say you find compound in a cave about 20 kilometers away from you base and put it onto the retirement platform. The game would then give you a huge bonus in cartographic data but a low amount of currency for retirement. And if you find titanium in a cave far away from your base then you both a lot of cartographic data and a lot of retirement funds. The cartographic sytem and retirement funds should factor into your final grade when you decide to retire an astroneer. The whole point of these two suggestions is to expand upon already existing gameplay such as exploration and resource gathering to give the player a sense of objective. I do hope to hear feedback and apologize for grammar errors I tried to edit this post a bit. Let me know if you think I didn't communicate these opinions very well And I will try to elaborate on them.