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  1. Attached video shows the bug. (But I might as well explain what I think is happening.) Version: Windows Steam _ Alpha The game mechanic involved: When you place a resource onto the side of a large platform, at your base, with a module that wants to use that resource, the resource is automatically moved into the middle. The problem: I place a resource that the medium printer wants onto the side of the large platform. The module realises that it wants to automatically move resources onto itself. But rather than taking the one that I just placed, it attempts to take a different one. This different resource is the wrong one, so it puts it back, ... and then takes it again... this repeats indefinitely until you take away a resource. Reproduction steps: preparation 1. Research medium printer and medium storage. preparation 2. Have a large platform with a printer module. preparation 3. Make sure all attachment points of the platform and module are empty. preparation 4. View the platform from the front (such that you can see the text the correct way around). I call the side to your left the "left side". And the side to your right the "right side". preparation 5. Use the arrows to ensure medium storage is what the printer has selected. bug step 1: Focus your attention to the large platform's attachment points. It has two to the left of the printer and two to the right of the printer. bug step 2: Focus your attention to the two attachment points on the left side. bug step 3: Place a compound there. (You need not worry about which point of the pair. The cursor just locks on to the pair and always choses the point towards the back as the first.) bug step 4: Place a malachite there. (It doesn't have to be malachite. Every 1-sized item appears to do the same, including organic, copper, and small solar.) bug step 5: Place a compound there. observation 1: The malachite shakes back and forth between where it was and the point that wants compound. observation 2: The compound doesn't move. Deeper look: When doing the same on the right-side instead of the left side, and there is empty space on the left side. The malachite gets moved across to the left and the compound gets to its destination. There's no annoying repetition, however it is still weird behaviour. When doing the same on the right-side, and the left side is full, then the indefinite repetition happens also. When step 3 is skipped, then both the malachite and the compound move onto the middle, then the malachite is moved back to the side. There's no annoying repetition, however it is still weird behaviour. This bug also occurs with the vehicle bay, but step 3 must be replaced by giving it three compound. Any less than three and the same behaviour as skipping step 3 occurs. Unaffected: The smelter isn't affected. The notable difference I can see between the printer and vehicle bay vs the smelter is that the first two have a blueprint+arrows selection menu, whereas the smelter just wants any ores. The Mineral Extractor isn't affected. The sample is not auto-moved. And the soil canister manages to be taken under the same circumstance that causes the bug for other modules Unknown: I have not got far in the game yet, so I don't know whether there are other modules that are affected or not. Resource Auto-movement Bug _ Windows Steam _ Alpha