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  1. graphics problem

    Video link not accessible.
  2. Ghost Items and Platforms

    The ghosting usually indcates a place to put something or it is showing you what the device will build if you run it. For instance if you cycle through the vehicle bay you will see ghosts for the various rovers or large storage etc. also if you print a platform it will show as a ghost until you open its storage box.
  3. graphics problem #2

    Hmmm again not sure what you mean here. If you place tethers in your base or you are near multiple tethers they will connect to you.
  4. graphics problem

    The circle that surrounds the object should be there if you are close to it and facing it. A picture might clarify.
  5. Canisters/Backpack Bug

    Xbox or steam. Latest update?
  6. Control scheme - what is the goal?

    Astroneer was clearly built for a keyboard and a mouse and then adapted to a controller. The controller works great for a lot of the game with 2 exceptions....1) driving rovers is a maddening experience....really hoping that the right and left triggers become accelerate and brake/reverse as the current look based control drives me absolutely insane. 2) The cursor is a real pain with the Xbox...especially because you cannot reverse the vertical mapping of the cursor...so when you are running around and have your vertical look reversed and suddenly you pick up some research and your look controls instantly reverse...well you spend a lot of time looking at the sky trying to figure WTF is wrong.
  7. Mobile base ... bad idea, maybe later

    If you need to go on extended walkabout there are a lot of options now. I find that building 3 to 4 O2 tanks is a good way to go. Carry a bunch of compound and be sure to unlock filters. Then every time you get low on O2 you can make set of filters and these will refill all your O2. Alternatively you can fabricate a large platform and just carry it with you. Whenever you need O2 you just drop the platform and it will fill you up. Even better to place an open seat on said platform...this way you can climb in to survive storms and save your game. But in general I make sure to always carry at least one compound in case I get lost and need to refill My O2 while I run around in a panic trying to find home.
  8. Please help

    Also, try placing either an enclosed seat or an open seat on top of the space ship and not on the large storage unit itself. there should be room left over on the rocket for a medium storage and an open or enclosed seat after the large store is placed on it.
  9. Marble display stands

    I have yet to try this but it seems to me that those round lids that seem to be found by some of the crashed space junk look like they would make an ideal display stand for a marble. Has anyone dragged one of these back to their base and tried putting the marble on the side with the marble sized round depression in it?
  10. car charging problem

    FYI...try to title your post in the following format: Example Report: [Version] - [Platform] - [Summary] ie 6.5, Steam, Rover Charging issue. Also, not sure what your question is asking. Are you saying you attach the power cable from the rover to the base platform and then you are unable to remove the power cable? In order for the Rover to charge you need to be sure to grab the cable from your power or base platform and then connect it to the rover....that will allow power to go to the rover. If you go from the rover to the base it wont charge because its trying to send power from the rover to the base.
  11. I’ve found a bug with large shuttle

    Why is that? Its doesn't break the game from a coding issue. Are you just unhappy with the idea of an open cockpit on a rocket ship?
  12. Try standing to the side of the vehicle bay and see if it lets you print. I've noticed it wont print if you are standing in the way.
  13. You can also pick up a wind turbine and move it around in space and see it activate....sometimes this is a good way to figure out where it needs to sit for best results. I've heard there are places where the wind never stops but i have yet to find such a location.
  14. [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    On the xbox I sometime have the same issue where the terrain tool is activated by accident. With the controller a tap of the "X" button activates the terrain tool vs holding the "X" button while its highlighted on something you want to enter. I simply turn off the terrain tool and make sure i highlight the object I want to enter with my cursor and then that usually solves the issue.
  15. Bug leads to new gameplay

    So did you successfully find the sunken river?
  16. I experienced the rover bug last night where my game loaded and the rover I was in decided to take an express ride to the core of the planet and take me with it. It was an interesting ride and i got to see how material deposits are spread throughout the planet and in a spherical shape. When I got to the core I bounced around for a while before coming to a halt. No amount of reloading or driving the rover would get the rover back on the surface so I got out. My character rocketed to the surface of the planet like a cork released from the bottom of a swimming pool. So I get to the surface and luckily i had 3 small tanks of oxygen on me. I realize right away that I've popped out on the other side of the world from my base and running back is not feasible at this point. So the clock is running and I decide to see if I can survive this ordeal. I get super lucky and find quite easily the biggest deposit of compound i have ever found in the game (yielded 14 compound by the time it was exhausted). So with Compound I could make filters which in turn would resupply my air. So now i needed a new base so I could have a chance at long term survival. Ran around a bit and found enough resin to get things started. In the end I was able to build everything i needed, not die, and now have a base exactly opposite my original. I didn't bother making a habitat because I found that a simple cab for the rover mounted on a platform will allow you to save the game and will protect you in a storm and it doesn't take copper to make. So the only thing I am wondering about is the location i popped out in seems to be ultra rich in materials and research items. usually a compound or resin deposit yields 2 or 3 units of material....these deposits are giving me between 5 and 15 units. Organic material is ultra dense, and it seems that every where I look there are research items popping up. Wondering if this is normal and I never looked in the right place or if this is some byproduct of the rover glitch.
  17. Xbox 6.5 single player. Noticed the same thing when I am carrying something like a research blob. If I’m not careful it’s possible to have the object clip beneath the ground and if I accidentally let it go it will be gone forever. Or maybe there is a planet of debris forming in the core. Figure one day I’ll tunnel there and find a Sargasso Sea of rovers and research.
  18. [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    I was just trying to rule out a possible problem. I built a shuttle on Xbox last night and only mounted a open seat on it and took off with out any issues. Took a tour of the solar system and took a while for the planets to realign so I could get back to my base. But no issues taking off.
  19. [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Xbox: prior to update 6.2 I had issues whenever I built a rover or a train of rovers...I'd walk away and when I came back I'd find the rover 50' off the ground and watch it come crashing back to earth and land often in a chaotic heap. Have not built a train on patch 6.5 but did notice that when I get out of a big rover the rover seems to bounce around...have not had it flip yet.
  20. Xbox Version Unplayable

    Just to clarify and confirm. You are using the right trigger to select and place ?
  21. [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Ok. Loaded update 6.5 and just built a shuttle and filled it with fuel. I put an open seat on top of it and took off without any issues. Are you using the cursor (left trigger) to click on the red launch symbol above the space ship?
  22. [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Are you placing the drivers seat on the shuttle or on a large storage unit on the shuttle?
  23. First Person View

    On the Xbox whenever I enter a crashed satellite to get the components out of it I end up with a camera buried in the ground outside.....after a minute of careful camera movement I can usually see myself and get out into the open. This would be a great place for first person. I have yet to see any special drill camera view unless it was something added on the latest update.
  24. Please help

    Xbox or Steam? Did you use a habitat or was in a single enclosed seat? they look similar but I dont think a habitat will allow you to control something. Also...I assume you are clicking the red launch button to take off? Also is your drivers seat/object mounted on the large storage or is it on the top of the space craft itself. If its on the large storage it might be your problem.
  25. Xbox Control effectiveness

    I noticed the huge drop in frame rate when a storm comes while I was playing last night. It went from somewhere in the 20-30 fps range down to about 1 fps...slow enough that It was a challenge to get to shelter and get in shelter before being killed. All during the storm the frame rate remained very low...and then once it was just about past the FPS jumped right back up and was a non issue. It took me a long time to figure out the launch buttons for the spacecraft too. As you say the cursor is not a natural thing on a handheld controller. I have gotten pretty good with the controller cursor method. However the problem I have is based on the fact that I use inverted look where pushing forwards looks down and pulling back looks up....the instant I use the cursor or pick something up the controls reverse and this drives me nuts. I really need an option to invert the look and cursor functions. Imagine if you were driving in your car and when you put the turn signal on the steering reversed....about how I feel in the game.