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    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Could have been much worse...I make it a point not to save my gave in a rover anymore....after the time I reloaded and found myself in the rover plummeting to the center of the planet....and when I got out of the rover my character shot back to the surface.....leaving the rover behind....and my character emerged on the other side (180 deg away from base) of the planet.
  2. VT_Mongo

    New and very interesting bug

    Carry some compound as well because then you can craft filters when your O2 gets low and they will refill your tanks.
  3. VT_Mongo

    Very low fps

    Are you placing a lot of tethers? Tethers seem to impact the frame rate. Suggest minimizing tether usage
  4. VT_Mongo

    Trade platform

    Try holding left trigger and aiming cursor over the platform to see if activate option prompt shows up. I have not used trade platform with latest update but interaction with platforms changed with 6.5
  5. VT_Mongo

    Can't get vehicle bay to do anything

    Couple of thoughts: make sure you are not standing in the way of the printer. If you are in the way it won’t print. Also try repositioning the vehicle bay as the print area may be blocked by a terrain feature. @Martinjg are you getting the option in the vehicle bay for a rover or no option at all?
  6. I can certainly see the benefits of colored tethers. Unfortunately I have to minimize tether use on Xbox because excessive tether use results in major drops in frame rate.
  7. VT_Mongo

    SES Vlog 028: Splitters & Space Kamehamehas

    My method of play is to bulk up on containers and then collect all the core resources. I place a medium storage on the resource extractor and then I keep a “master” of each resource. Then I make bulk supplies of compound, resin, copper ore etc. lithium and titanium of course require about 105 percent soil to make one but it allows me to keep producing them and make batteries and O2 tanks etc. then I have a storage of materials. Eventually I start placing storage depots around the planet so I have places to save and redeploy if needed when I am out and about it if I get lost/glitch.
  8. VT_Mongo

    [] - [Xbox One X] - into storm bug]

    I think the short answer is that these are issues to be adjusted as the game progresses and not critical to development at this point. Kind of like how you don’t worry about a paper cut when the patients leg has been cut off.
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    [XBOX ONE -] Rover bugged

    I am away from home and not tried newest update. But....in 6.5 if you mount the control seat to the front of the rover it seemed to solve a lot of the exiting the vehicle problems. Try putting the seat on the very front instead of up on top and see if that makes things more playable.
  10. Agreed 100%. I am same exact setup as OP. Same tv. Same distance. Just never thought to post it.
  11. VT_Mongo

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Try mounting your control seats to the front of the rover instead of on top of the rover. Yes it looks funny but it does seem to stop many of the rover issues when you enter and exit.
  12. VT_Mongo

    The balls

    The round lids from crashed satellites have a nice round depression in them that looks like a marble will fit in nicely. I intend to drag one of those back to my base and see how a marble fits.
  13. Are you confusing beacons with tethers? You can make and place beacons and a beacon can be blue, red, green, purple, maybe white....cannot remember all the colors.
  14. VT_Mongo

    I’ve found a bug with large shuttle

    Well technically you have a space suit on. And aside from forces due to traveling rapidly through a gaseous atmosphere there is no reason you couldn’t fly to space in an open cockpit. You could go to space in a balloon if you wanted to...of course you couldn’t reach orbital velocity without a rocket This is still an early access game so I think the focus should be less on nitpicking the fine details and instead solve the bigger issues. Then go and modify from there.
  15. you might consider locking the patch notes threads so only you or the developer team can post patch notes and update info.  Should help cut down on the flood of people posting issues and bugs in the wrong place. 

    I suspect right now this forum is a bit like drinking from the fire hose with people posting all sorts of stuff pretty much anywhere they see space. (yes..I see the irony here 9_9)

    1. Wyvyrias


      I lock old patch notes. The latest patch notes stay open for people to comment on.

  16. VT_Mongo

    Vehicle Bugs

    FYI: 50 pages of documented vehicle bugs already reported.
  17. VT_Mongo

    Exiting Vehicle Problems

    If you place the seat on the front of the rover (yes it looks funny) this seems to solve the rover flipping issues. This isnt a long term fix but does help reduce issues for playing until a fix comes out
  18. VT_Mongo

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Xbox1: one thing I have read and verified for myself is that if you place the cab on the front of the rover instead of up on top this seems to help with some of the bouncing issues. Instead of the rover flipping backwards when I get out my character sometimes launches into the air....but so far character has not been hurt. The ground clearance and climbing capability on the rovers is troublesome. I have only built the new large rover and not the small one so I cannot comment on how they compare. The old rovers were much better climbers and seemed better at getting over rocks.
  19. VT_Mongo

    Ghost Items and Platforms

    came across this video posted by another user...is this what you are referring to?
  20. There is another thread where someone was describing the issue which you recorded very well with your youtube video. You shouldn't be able to run through your platforms like that. Looks like some sort of boundary recognition problem. Or your character has come into the game as a ghost and you have no earthly body.
  21. VT_Mongo

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    This is a common issue with the latest build. I have a feeling that the devs are pretty well aware of it being a major issue. Hopefully we see another patch that addresses spawn and rover physics in the near future. But it’s a developing game so these things are to be expected.
  22. VT_Mongo

    graphics problem

    Video link not accessible.
  23. VT_Mongo

    Ghost Items and Platforms

    The ghosting usually indcates a place to put something or it is showing you what the device will build if you run it. For instance if you cycle through the vehicle bay you will see ghosts for the various rovers or large storage etc. also if you print a platform it will show as a ghost until you open its storage box.
  24. VT_Mongo

    graphics problem #2

    Hmmm again not sure what you mean here. If you place tethers in your base or you are near multiple tethers they will connect to you.
  25. VT_Mongo

    graphics problem

    The circle that surrounds the object should be there if you are close to it and facing it. A picture might clarify.