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  1. Deform Tool with built in Canister

    An expansion of this line of thought might be the ability to connect to some sort of large volume harvest module....thinking something that sits on the rover that you walk up to and activate and it empties your canisters or your tool reservoir.
  2. common logic

    haven't had the pleasure of running into the underground hanging things yet
  3. common logic

    I feel like this isn't such a big problem in the game that it should be removed. After all it is a place of imagination and full realism is not the goal. Also its a survival game of sorts and as survival games go there there are only a few ways to actually die: 1. Getting hit by debris in a storm 2. suffocating 3. falling 4. getting stung 5. acid cloud. I learned pretty quickly which objects I shouldn't try to hug and which objects wanted to kill me. thankfully its not Ark or 7 days to die where everything tries to kill you.
  4. I 'm parked in the "Make the mechanics and controls of the game function correctly first and then go after other stuff" frame of thought. Read through a lot of interesting suggestions on this forum but its hard to think about them when some of the game basics still are not refined.
  5. I posted this exact thing just yesterday. Glad to see its not just me
  6. Frame rate Xbox one

    My first play of the game was a learning the basics process and i quickly learned how not to build a base. My second play was better base layout with more terminals but I expanded too much and had too many tethers and the frame rate went into the basement. Launched a new play last night and instantly realized just how bad by previous frame rate had become. So now I only put down tethers when I need them and I pick them up when I am done with them...no more stringing out life lines off to the horizon. I'll see how Xbox restarts help with the frame rate and how tether and base management work.
  7. I've noticed if I have built a road going up a mountain and I have driven a rover up it and then I get out and go explore a cave or collect a resource....when I get back my rover is 50' off the ground and suddenly it falls back down...often resulting in a bounce causing it to fall all the way down the mountain. This then launches sometimes hours of extracting the damned thing from whatever it landed on/in
  8. I have been playing on the Xbox one for several weeks a really enjoy the game....however there are a couple of things that are absolutely awful with the controls in this game. 1. Driving a Rover: Please change the look based acceleration to...or allow a controls scheme that allows the right and left triggers on the controller for accelerate and brake....ie right trigger accelerates and left trigger reverses. The direction would be based on the way your cab is pointing( so accelerate would be the same every time and not based on how your camera is pointed.) Right now the rover is maddeningly difficult to drive in any place where precision is required and the look based movement elicits much shouting at the game. 2. I can invert the camera which is great for running around but the instant I pick up anything like a research blob the camera reverts back to non inverted movement which is confusing as anything and leads to much frustration. 3. There needs to be a first person view mode. There are too many times I've jumped into an old satellite to retrieve supplies only to find the camera is embedded in a rock or outside where I can no longer see my character and then its an ordeal to align things so I have a chance of getting out. *. I am sure the frame rate issue is well complained about already and I have no idea how its fixed...but it acts as a compounding multiplier for making the above 3 even more annoying when the frame rate drops to 15 or 20 or worse.