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    My buggy just disappeared in the ground

    when i loose things into the ground i just dig down on the same spot and i find it again if the first cave i come to
  2. gremlin

    visual bug

    there is a visual bug on your backpack when you enter the tractor. added 2 pics. And plz add cloud sync on save files
  3. gremlin


    The game just quit sometimes when i play. No crash logs in the logs folder, and the game do not save. It seems totally random when this happens. and when i visits other planets and i want to level out the ground the round circle jumps all over the place so i need to hold it just in front of my feet and walk where i want to build the ground flat
  4. gremlin

    Do away with teathers

    better to have decay on them. if you have not been close to it in lets say 6h ingame time then a timer starts and they get turned into salvage
  5. gremlin


    Hi. I play in 4k resolution and the problem you get then is that the dot for where the mouse is is SO tiny its hard to see. Please add a way to change the size of the dot Frode
  6. gremlin

    red spiky balls

    what is this item type thing i got when i killed the red spiky balls that keeps blowing on the surface of the planet?