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  1. Thw0rted

    Astroneer Dedicatd Server in Steam

    I played with it some more today and still time out waiting to connect. I don't know what else I can try, so I guess I'm just waiting for it to be addressed by the team. A fully-offline server would sure be nice to have. I think all the trouble I've had so far has been because the server needs to phone home for some reason and register my public IP. Why is it doing that? Can you give us a standalone server that truly stands alone?
  2. Thw0rted

    Astroneer Dedicatd Server in Steam

    I'm wrestling with this second problem. It's called "hairpin" or "reflective" NAT, and basically it means that your router allows you to ask for your external IP using a forwarded port, and sends the packets to the server via the LAN. It gets complicated enough that a lot of routers don't support it, and I know mine does not. I did try assigning my external IP to the server as a second address on the interface (and same with the client using a different host number in the subnet), which let me see "0/8 connected" in-game, but I still time out trying to actually connect. I might play with it some more today, but I also might just wait until the team gets around to releasing a version that works properly via the (regular) LAN IP.
  3. Thw0rted

    Astroneer Dedicatd Server in Steam

    This is fiendishly clever and I can't help but think that it's going to break something -- I just can't figure out what. I'm trying it now.
  4. Thw0rted

    Astroneer Dedicatd Server in Steam

    This reddit post is probably of interest to people following this thread: They point out that because you must connect to the server via public IP, if you want to reach your server from inside the same LAN where it's running, your router must support "NAT Loopback" (aka "hairpin routing") which allows LAN clients to talk to other nodes on the LAN via port-forwarding on the public IP. My router doesn't support this so I'm stuck until they add the ability to access the server directly via LAN IP.
  5. I followed the instructions for setting up the dedicated server, and it now stays running in Task Manager. I added a port-forward rule on my router, TCP/UDP, to the LAN IP of my server, using the port from Engine.ini. I got a Windows Firewall prompt to allow connections to the dedicated server, and allowed them. Just to be safe, I also added separate rules to always allow inbound connections to the port I specified, one each for TCP and UDP. I then launched Astroneer on another machine and went to Co-Op -> Dedicated Servers. I added two entries, one with my LAN IP and local port, and another with my public IP and the forwarded port. Both show as "offline" in the server list. Am I doing something wrong?
  6. Thw0rted

    Exiting dedicated server gracefully

    Somebody on Reddit said they talked to support and I guess there's some way you can FTP in to the file system and add/remove game saves? If that's true, though, it weakens the argument about limiting your ability to maybe hack/cheat on the hosted servers, right? I haven't dug much deeper myself, I'm not planning on buying the hosted service.
  7. Thw0rted

    Exiting dedicated server gracefully

    OK, to clarify, I'm aware that the server is designed to run in the background indefinitely. As an example of what I'm asking, this same system is running a Plex server. It runs at startup, and has a little tray icon to show me that it's active. I can right-click the icon and look at the server's log file, or kill it. I'm also running a dedicated Minecraft server. This has its own status window complete with a console and a list of connected players. If I close this window, the server stops running. Astroneer has neither of those things as far as I can tell. You run the server binary and it just sits in the background, no window, no tray icon, forever, unless you kill it. That's not great design, and I was hoping I had missed something that let me *gracefully tell it* to exit, without just having the OS murder it via SIGHUP.
  8. I finally got the dedicated server in my Steam Tools, downloaded, configured, and it's running. Great, now how am I supposed to quit it? The Steam page for it has changed the "Launch" button into a "Stop" button, is that safe to do? What if I launched it outside Steam, do I have to kill it in Task Manager? How do I even know it stayed running, without Task Manager? Every other headless server I run on Windows has a tray icon, but I don't see anything like that. Whatever the answer is, it should be documented in the official instructions.
  9. Thw0rted

    Astroneer Dedicatd Server in Steam

    I added the port number to Engine.ini and in AstroServerSettings.ini I set the PublicIP, ServerName, and OwnerName. I changed nothing else, clicked "Launch" from inside Steam, and I have AstroServer and AstroServer-Win64-Shipping in my task manager. I actually came here to ask if there's an official / graceful way to have it shut down, rather than just killing the task.
  10. Thw0rted

    Dedicated Servers cannot be joined by local hosts

    Have you tried your own private (LAN) IP instead? I put my public IP in the PublicIP field but was about to try connecting using my server's private IP from another machine on the home network. I expected that to work, but haven't had a chance to actually do it yet.
  11. Our approach was a little different: since we had small shuttles lying around from earlier in the game, the player in the large shuttle would just bring a landing pad and we'd follow behind in the small one. Still, would be fun to fit more than one without sacrificing so much cargo space.
  12. Thw0rted

    1.1 - Steam - Unmanned Shuttle Stuck in Orbit

    This has been a known issue for a long time: The only sure-fire way to avoid it is to be absolutely sure to *not save* while anybody is in a shuttle. Tell you teammates to stay out of vehicles while you're flying between worlds. Have them get into a rover or habitat and stay there before you board your shuttle. Then, make your entire trip, and if the game crashes in the middle, everybody can force quit and preserve the save from before you took off. (They definitely *should* add some means of retrieving a lost shuttle from orbit, though.)
  13. Thw0rted

    A man-less shuttle is permanently flying around Silva

    Just FYI, the (known) stuck-shuttle bug can only happen in multiplayer. The game saves a snapshot of where everything is when you get into a vehicle, right? So, if player A goes into orbit, then player B gets into a vehicle while they're still up there, then everybody quits (or player A's game crashes, etc), when you restore the players will spawn at a base, but the shuttle will still be in orbit, where it was when the game saved.
  14. Thw0rted

    Portable Oxygenator needs a buff.

    I don't mean to sound rude, but I thought you said previously that you had a ton of playtime, so I assumed you knew about the shortcut keys. You can press the rotate keys (I think X/C or maybe V on the keyboard? Shoulder buttons on the controller, which is how I play) to toggle whatever is on your corresponding shoulder on/off, or "activate" it (without opening the backpack). This works for worklights, tethers, generators, etc, so I assume it would work for the oxygenator as well.
  15. Thw0rted

    Portable Oxygenator needs a buff.

    Just put the thing you want to toggle on your shoulder slots?