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  1. Thw0rted

    Portable Oxygenator needs a buff.

    I don't mean to sound rude, but I thought you said previously that you had a ton of playtime, so I assumed you knew about the shortcut keys. You can press the rotate keys (I think X/C or maybe V on the keyboard? Shoulder buttons on the controller, which is how I play) to toggle whatever is on your corresponding shoulder on/off, or "activate" it (without opening the backpack). This works for worklights, tethers, generators, etc, so I assume it would work for the oxygenator as well.
  2. Thw0rted

    Portable Oxygenator needs a buff.

    Just put the thing you want to toggle on your shoulder slots?
  3. Thw0rted

    Patch - March 13th, 2019

    This is same network, yeah -- I play with my son, mostly. Maybe the issue is with upload latency for one of you? Rocket League and ESO would both have dedicated servers, but not Astroneer. You could get a better picture of the network situation by having your "host" port-forward an iperf3 server and have you connect in to it. If you get good throughput and latency with few errors, then it's definitely the software's fault, but if those numbers look bad then your host could complain to their ISP.
  4. Thw0rted

    Why Is There Wreckage Found Everywhere?

    Yeah, I'm not buying the "depressing" line. I only see a backpack (i.e. dead explorer) once in a blue moon. Most of the debris you find is old platforms with some stuff installed. I do this too, sometimes, if you get stuck somewhere and need a table to power some basic printing equipment to get back on your feet, or maybe make some power to open an Exo research pyramid, that sort of thing.
  5. Thw0rted

    AutoTether v1.0 Download

    The devs have already said that they are planning to allow controller remapping "soon". In the meantime, consider placing your tether stack on one of your backpack shoulder slots. This will allow you to tap LB/RB to drop a tether, without breaking stride.
  6. Thw0rted

    Optimisations on HD graphics

    Are you already running on the lowest settings -- options *and* resolution? I ran on a desktop i5-6500 for a long time and while it's not pretty by any means, it was basically playable all the time. Otherwise... you get what you pay for. There are a number of "OK" cards out there for under $200 that could let you run at a higher resolution with moderate settings. My RTX 2060 handles 1080p with all the extras, without breaking a sweat. A less-capable card (1050Ti, maybe?) could probably handle 1080p at medium settings or 900p at high.
  7. I feel like being able to simply copy a save from the main menu (along with the Load / Delete) options would be hugely helpful. Even if I have to remember to make manual backups sometimes, that'd be far better than wiping out progress from a game-breaking bug.
  8. Previous suggestions have said that the compass should include an indicator pointing to the nearest object with a built-in "beacon effect", like Shelters and vehicles. Having on-screen numbers would involve a certain loss of simplicity -- there are no other numbers in-game, are there?
  9. I took a break before the 1.0 release, but came back a few weeks ago and had enough fun that I've been poking around in the community during the day, both here and on Reddit. One of the things that I see almost every day is somebody referencing the compass, then another user replies that they had no idea there was a compass in the game. Couple that with one of the most frequently made help requests / gameplay suggestions -- "help I'm lost" / "how do I find my base" / "you should add a GPS" -- and it tells me that all new players should be forced to use the compass before starting in earnest.
  10. Thw0rted

    Cave crawler

    I love the idea of a non-wheeled vehicle but it sounds like a pretty big ask. I also wonder what would happen when you run out of power -- what if you're on the ceiling of a cave, or high up a wall? How could you get down safely without dying from fall damage?
  11. Thw0rted

    Maps or satellites with GPS

    This is a very common suggestion. If you need more beacons on the surface, make a Soil Centrifuge and crank out Quartz.
  12. Thw0rted

    Medium Canister and Soil Dispenser

    Small canister goes on the back like putting Organic on a Small Generator; this dumps the small canister into the medium one (if space is available). "Use" the medium canister (hold Y) to have it fill the attached (empty) small canister. I'm picturing a mostly-reused Medium Battery model. The only thing I can't figure out is how to interact between the Medium Canister and a Soil Centrifuge. I don't think it makes sense for the soil to just magically "go into" the device but you also wouldn't want to have to manually extract a small canister at a time -- that would defeat the point, and you'd be better off with a Medium Storage full of Small Canisters on the same base. Maybe the Centrifuge would just need to have a 2-slot attachment point for the soil intake instead?
  13. Thw0rted

    Portable Oxygenator needs a buff.

    I haven't gotten this far. Is the issue that the oxygenator constantly wants power, even when your onboard O2 storage is full? That seems like it would be an easy fix -- after all, terrain mods only drain power when you use them, why should the oxygenator be any different?
  14. Thw0rted

    Local multiplayer (Console)

    I'm sure this has been suggested before, but I can't find the old threads (no surprise). Maybe if it's too much for them to simulate 2 locations at once on a single box, they could add this once dedicated servers exist, but only when playing on a server? You'd probably still need a pretty beefy machine, but at least the physics calculations could be offloaded.
  15. Hey @Lithium, we're post-1.0 and the OP here says it was last updated in 2017. Can this summary thread either be updated to reflect the current most-requested features (so people stop re-posting them every other week), or I guess un-pin it?