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  1. SteelRodent

    Update 0.9.2 - August 6th 2018

    Will we ever be able to pack stuff back up after we unpack it? Because the whole unpacking process seems rather pointless when they can't be packed up again. Since the boxes won't attach to the vehicle mounted storage units, it's not possible to transport them prior to unpacking anyway which means the whole process is just an unnecessary extra step.
  2. SteelRodent

    Update 0.9.0 - July 6th 2018

    I like the idea of being able to scrap stuff, but it creates yet another way of obtaining rare resources (by using easily obtained scrap to buy stuff like lithium and titanium) which means there's now even less reason to ever get off the starting planet. This was already a problem with the trade platform and mineral extractor being too easy to get, and rare resources too plentiful in wrecks, and the research being more than plentiful very close to the starting base. Also, I find tons of damaged and salvagable stuff all over the place, but all the bigger bits just pass right through the shredder (like platforms), and anything big labeled as "wrecked" doesn't appear to shred at all.
  3. SteelRodent

    What would make me explore more

    The caves get a bit samy and uninteresting when you've played through the game a few times, but I know what you mean. I aim for the rovers as early as is sensible, go exploring till I find a way down to the deep caves that isn't too treacherous, and haul back as much material and research as the rovers will carry. Even with just 3 medium rovers in tow it means I end up with loads of materials and pods waiting to be used.
  4. SteelRodent

    Tunnel Digger addition

    The Steve's Cart mod lets you (among other things) create an automated system of carts that dig endless tunnels and haul back everything they dig up. But there's a difference between digging tunnels just to make tunnels (or shortcuts) and digging tunnels to uncover specific materials.
  5. SteelRodent

    Tunnel Digger addition

    A tunnel borer could be fun, but I think it falls in the same category as automating mining, which I don't think can be done without drilling massive tunnels and a lot of them. Stuff like the Steve's Carts mod for Minecraft comes to mind.
  6. SteelRodent

    What would make me explore more

    I start playing Astroneer just the patch that changed that system. But roulette is a very bad way to gather technology. There is no skill involved, nor decisions to make. You cannot plan your way out of the planet in any shape or form, and you cannot take any shortcuts that you may want (like not researching the medium or small rover). This I'm not saying the roulette was a good design, because it really wasn't. More often than not you could get almost everything unlocked and struggle to find something basic, like the good solar panels. But that system did sort of force you to get off the planet because the higher tier research pods were more plentiful on other planets. But shoving stuff into the machines and have nothing to do but wait for the bytes to count up because you can't do anything else until you get more stuff unlocked, isn't a good design either imo. Maybe it's different for people who don't know the game already, but I find that the game very quickly turns into waiting for the research to tick in because that takes longer than finding enough pods to unlock everything, or finding the materials I need to build everything I unlock. Subnautica semi-solved the "why should I leave the comfy starting area" problem by adding a story that pushes you to see the whole map, but that game only covers a very small area, isn't procedurally generated, and doesn't include interplanetary travel.
  7. SteelRodent

    What would make me explore more

    The old research system more or less forced you to leave the planet to find enough research pods that the roulette would unlock everything, and I'm pretty sure that the different pods had different possible rewards, with certain pods only available on certain planets, but I can't remember exactly anymore. The new research system has a lot of issues and I honestly don't think it's in any way an improvement, but I already said that when it was added. Now you have to unlock a bunch of stuff in order to set up a basic base on another planet and once you get that far there really isn't much reason to go there in the first place. The research system really is what drives the game now. You have to go out looking for pods to feed it, but more often than not you don't have to go very far or dig very deep, and with all the wrecks around you can quickly get plenty of the rare materials to not have to ever leave the planet to make everything - since the trade platform and mineral extractor lets you get everything you need. We need a reason beyond the research to go out and explore the worlds, only atm I'm not sure what it would be that hasn't already been done in other games. Although it could get annoying if not done right, I think the right way to go about it is to make it impossible to unlock certain things unless you explore at least some of your planet and the other planets. But it has to be done right because gated content kills games if it's too much of a hazzle.
  8. SteelRodent

    Repacking Platforms

    When they did the presentation vlog of the new system I'm pretty sure they said you could pack everything up again, but alas it's yet to be implemented. Would also be nice if you could repack the machines, because it's really annoying that they get stuck to whatever platform you put them on.
  9. SteelRodent

    My poor dirtball

    It's the lowest LOD version of the planets that's just a quarter sphere copied and rotated to make 4 quarters. But something goes wonky in the code and makes it badly misalign the pieces to cause this. Only AFAIK they've yet to figure out why it happens. The planet you actually land on is technically speaking a completely different planet so it shouldn't come apart - although the planets are still not entirely solid and falling through space is still possible.
  10. SteelRodent

    Small Storage

    Or just give all the rovers and the crane working lights, which would make a lot more sense. The open 3-seat already has lights, they just don't give off any actual light. And since the rover already knows what's front and back depending on what seat you drive from, or whether it's hooked to another rover/trailer, you could even make headlights/taillights/marker lights that come on and off depending on the situation if you wanted to go that far.
  11. SteelRodent

    Some ideas that could appreciated

    Even with the new rovers, this is desperately needed. When you're not in the vehicles they stand still, mostly unmovable. But as soon as you're in a vehicle, whether you sit in the crane or any other seat, they roll free out of control - meaning you'll slowly accelerate down slopes and eventually crash into something - especially when it's out of power. When you get hit by a storm while digging around in the crane, your vehicle follows the storm at fairly high speed until it crashes into something or plummets down a hole deep enough to stop it. Even the big rover with multiple trailers acts like it has no weight and gets blown along like a piece of paper. The new driving controls are great otherwise, but it's super annoying that there's no way to keep the vehicles from rolling on their own.
  12. SteelRodent

    modules in the artworks

    Already planned/on the way:
  13. SteelRodent


    The game will eventually have automated mining, but it's a long way away still.
  14. SteelRodent


    It's already on the roadmap for "post launch" which means it's not decided when it'll happen, but it's there.
  15. SteelRodent

    common logic

    Try out the air filter. It's what it's for (single use, but it still works).