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  1. guibazzotti - Steam - Land Vehicle trapped in space

    I forgot to metion that is not always that my friends can't drive the vehicle, but sometimes they really can't. I don't know if this is lag or something else, but it seems to be a bug/glitch.
  2. Playing Astroneer regularly made me realize some glitches that happen quite often: While in multiplayer only the host can easily drive land vehicles, without having the danger of sending it to unwanted locations. When my friends (I am the host) enter the quad, sometimes it moves only one of the sections (the one where the character is seated) and the other(s) stay still. We figured out that the only way for the driver to get out of the car safely is by bringing the sections together, as if the vehicle is not being used, and then pressing TAB. But twice mistakes were made, and the driver tried to exit the car while the section with the seat on it was far from the rest of the vehicle. Now is when the problem comes in... When they did that the car suddenly was put on orbit and the driver dropped from the sky. Here is the image: