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  1. Isn't the marble enough? *cri* All joking aside, I'm not sure I agree with you. I think they could maybe be a unique item (like a self-charging battery, maybe), but I don't think they should give you a stupid amount of X or Y
  2. I like the idea of drones, but I'd prefer them to be simple robots for the automation of a base-related task. I do liie the idea of somekind of automated recon, but for a game like astroneer with no clear goal other than "explore stuff", I think having something to automate that task.
  3. You mean like unlabelled mystery compound?
  4. So I can't edit the post, but I have a couple more ideas, so I'll throw them down here in a comment. Infrastructure - Medium Platform C (Variety is the spice of life.) A "+" shaped medium platform with 5 tier-1 slots and 4 power connectors. Costs 250 bytes to research like all medium platforms, and also costs 2 resin at a fabricator. Infrastructure/Power - Large Platform E (For those spatially-restricted people.) A taller large platform with 3 backpack's worth of power storage (for reference, 1 power bar in the backpack is equal to 25% of a battery p
  5. Or you could place it on an XL platform and have it available whenever. Just because it's crafted at a vehicle bay doesn't mean it's limited to just vehicles.
  6. I... love the update... a little too much. This is my main little hideout. It connects to the mine (not shown in this tour), the Intercommunal Railroad, and the Wind Farm. I'm in the process of building extractors for every resource I deem useful (in other words, screw ammonium, coal, and organic). I didn't get many details of the wind farm, since it's mostly still "indev", but I wanted to show it to prefice just how much of a building nerd I am. I spent way more time than I'd like to admit on my connector between the main base and th
  7. Greetings, it is I, Zoura3025. I'm back again with another handful of ideas, since I really would rather not risk bumping my old post up to the top and getting banned for that. Anyways, here's a few ideas I have for the game. Enjoy! Terrain Tool - Burst Nozzle (Not a gun, I promise) The Burst Nozzle is an attachment for the barrel of the terrain tool that alters the way it fires. Instead of the calm, steady stream of lovely sucking action (phrasing), it now lobs a projectile that explodes, capturing all terrain in a roughly spherical area and bringing it back to the
  8. Perhaps it would need balancing, though; a cooldown or massive power drain. Astroneer is a game about having many equal routes to the same goal (i.e. trade platform vs. resource extractor).
  9. Seconded, this needs to be tweaked. Could be useful for the tiny platforms that small modules are put on, too.
  10. I actually quite like this idea, and it seems like it could help with a lot of things. Especially in the advent of the new base building system, it would by super-nifty to have some automation. As for a thought on the matter, and an idea, perhaps have drone bays/docks/perches/nests/whatevers be a sort of pre-programmed thing that changes function depending on what module it's placed near. Some ideas would be: 1) Smelter - From a range of around a tether, it grabs any ores from small platforms and vehicles, and places them on the smelter, ready for smelting. 2) Research Centre -
  11. 1. Geothermal Power The first idea I have to present to you all is the Geothermal Generator, a late-game power module that can harvest power from steam geysers found underground. I say late-game, since it could be potentially made with iron (alternatively a mix of titanium and resin), and probably wouldn't help too much when you're not far enough underground to find any geysers. It would be a permanently active energy producer, that would produce 1 bar/second (could be toned down for balancing). The module itself would be on-par size-wise with an item like a battery (meaning i