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  1. Astronium worth 5000 bytes!

    Pretty awesome that this update has come out first for Xbox new users since every patch has basically come out first for steam users. Finally some love has been shown for Xbox users!
  2. Adopted an orphan baby monkey

    LMFAO probably taste like spam mixed with roadkill
  3. Adopted an orphan baby monkey

    What relevance does that have with anything to do with Astroneer? Go post on National Geographic Forum @Lithium
  4. Adopted an orphan baby monkey

    This looks like a spam type of thing @Lithium
  5. Mineral Extractor far too OP?

    Thank you for clarifying what “OP” means as in overpowered
  6. Mineral Extractor far too OP?

    What do you mean when you use the term “OP”
  7. A bit dry right now

    Since there’s no news or any idea of an update coming soon, it seems like the game is pretty dry along with the forum at the moment. I’m back to my old ways of creating hydrazine and dynamite and blowing half the planet up. Any idea of when there will be an update or something cool to look forward to?
  8. Ver. A rough start

    I’m pretty sure one of the first few things the game forces you to unlock are tethers and canisters. I think the game is pretty aweosme right now snow if you start a game with nothing nearby, quit that game and start a new one til you’re around a bunch o astrotrees
  9. Unknown Object

    HAHAHA and the new planet that forms is so dangerous you need to build a lava shuttle just to get there
  10. Next Update

    I have the same question as well as when the next update could possibly be coming
  11. An idea for Barren

    So I know System Era team is based out of Seattle WA. And this occurred to me as I was building a sick base on Barren, that the giant boulders with steam coming out of them that they honestly sounds like GIANT BONGS. I REALLY WISH YOU COULD MOVE/BLOW UP THESE GIANT BONG ROCKS. Because all I hear when anywhere on Barren, is what sounds like giant bongs being ripped on around every corner above and below the surface. Also I want my base to look pretty and it can’t when there’s giant rocks that litter the surface and you can’t move or destroy them.
  12. So I loved the idea of different colored tethers for the holidays. And my game hasn’t had any updates but now the tethers are back to their old school blue color. It’s as if the colored tethers were a dream...
  13. Am I the only one to think this?

    SOunds good but I’m curious as to how one would get to another planet for a rare resource that is required by the same vehicle that person would take to get to another planet? Lol
  14. Stuck in Tundra

    I have come to the conclusion that on all planets i think malachite is much more abundant than laterite. I also feel like laterite is more abundant further down in the depths of the planet. You probably have to dig deeper. Or start a new game and have everything researched in a shorter time frame than this whole issue you are facing. Lol
  15. Limit on Number of Medium Rovers to link up?

    I thought there was a rule about this forum that you had to read the forum before submitting a new thread.