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  1. 1) I never gave a crap about the power nuggets but it’s really nice to get the organic instead now since we seem to be using generators more in the beginning of games since the new update. But I really do miss the oxygen nuggets so I could get further and explore more in the initial moments of a game. 2) Where the heck is everyone finding tungsten? I need it for one of the new modules and I can’t seem to find any in Arid
  2. rileya_c


    I’ve eventually found all the malachite I could use but I already thought of the mineral extractor. Only problem is you need a sample first to get more. Which at the startling point I didn’t have one
  3. rileya_c


    I’m having quite the miserable time trying to find some simple freaking malachite. Been playing update 9.2.0 for about 3 hours now and haven’t been able to find one deposit of malachite
  4. rileya_c

    Dead Astroneers Gone?

    I haven’t been able to play the new update 9.2.0 very much yet so maybe it’s an attempt at giving an idea possibly something else is interested in the corpse of a dead Astroneer and not their items? (Backpack) maybe eating them???
  5. rileya_c

    Problem with v9.0

    So I’ve noticed whenever I load my save game (this save is a new one started during v9.0.0) my medium and large rovers literally disappear. I have no idea where they have gone since they no longer have their vehicle beacons along with them. The only thing that has stayed in my life is the small buggy type rover. I had a chain of 3 medium rovers and one with a large scrapper on it. All of which have disappeared. I have a feeling that when I load into my game they fall through the ground and I will never see them until I launch into space and find them orbiting around terran
  6. rileya_c

    .90 observations

    You are correct, all the rovers did have beacons before v9.0.0 and all I have researched is the medium rover at the moment and it does not have a vehicle ID beacon
  7. rileya_c

    It should be today

    I live in Seattle and their vlog said “later this week” and it’s now the “end of the week” I’m just salty because the last patch broke the game for me and I haven’t been able to play more than 15 mins without it freezing and crashing
  8. rileya_c

    It should be today

    I hope the patch comes out today. Friday.
  9. rileya_c

    So excited for new patch

    I am so excited for the new patch for a few reasons. 1 being that since the last patch v8.0.0 the game has been broken for me by the fact that I can’t play more than about 15 minutes before he game freezes and lags me back out to the main Xbox screen. 2 being I couldn’t help but notice in the new vlog that system era just releases a few days ago it looks like a new suit? I can’t decide whether I will try out the new suit or I will continue my new journey with pajama. I think I will stick with pajama. Unless the new suit can run faster ;)
  10. rileya_c

    Update 8.0 sucks

    Every time I play this game since 8.0 the game freezes and bugs out so at this point I’m done playing until a new patch comes out. Thanks system era
  11. rileya_c

    Update 8.0 sucks

    Hopefully they have a hotfix update before a month goes by while we wait for v9.0 and another game breaking bug appears
  12. rileya_c

    Update 8.0 sucks

    And of course you don’t know when it will freeze so you can’t save before it happens right? Lol which character are you using?
  13. rileya_c

    Update 8.0 sucks

    So everything was running perfect and seemed like the performance of the game was running smoother than ever. Usually I play as pajama but since a new update I figured let’s llay as the fat guy. So I started a new save and as soon as I get 1-2 research chambers going and I get some progress in the save, my game freezes and does absolutely nothing. Forcing me to go back to Xbox home screen, close the game, and start again from where I left off before I could save. Me being the rage quitter I am, said screw it and began playing a different game. Soon after I began wanting to play Astroneer again so I continued my save, got to about the same point and what do ya know, my game freezes and actually kicks me back to the Xbox home screen by itself. This has been 2 more game crashes that I’ve experienced playing this game in the entire time I’ve been playing it since December 2016. I understand this is an in development game and it’s a work in progress but I’d like to play a game where my work has a purpose and my progress doesn’t get lost. I hope there is a hot fix soon.
  14. rileya_c

    Quick move buttons

    So everyone knows how when you pick something up and click X on the Xbox one version of Astroneer your item will transfer directly to the back pack. It would be so cool if you could pick something from your back pack, say maybe canisters? And click a button that would put it directly into the terrain tool
  15. rileya_c

    A little disappointed.

    So I’m a little disappointed because in the latest patch v7.0.0, I have substantially less progression than any other patch and it has come with the same, if not more lag and less performance than ever before. I have always played on Xbox one, and have never encountered this much of a problem before even after it has been announced that this patch was supposed to improve performance. I used to be able to have about 10 research modules running and about 20 medium batteries and the game would become extremely laggy. Now, I’ve got half of each and I’m at the same amount of lag. Once it gets this bad I either quit playing until the next t patch or I start a new save. Most of the time I choose to quit playing til the next patch because what’s the point in starting a new save when I know it’ll become so laggy and not fun within a few hours? I feel the only point to starting new saves is to practice the quickest way to unlocking everything through the catalog and how to build the best and efficient base. I love Astroneer and the main thing killing the game for me right now, is the performance. There should at LEAST be a full patch fully devoted to fixing performance. It has been an issue since day 1