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  1. Starting equipment

    I miss the one update that called for one compound to make oxygen tanks. That was one bug that I really liked and made the game a serious amount easier but it also made it so easy that it was close to boring. I think the launch pad should be available just for multiplayer functions like when a person is joining someone else’s game and that’s where the person would land. I don’t think the pad needs to be 2 feet from the hab like it currently is, possibly the starting oxygen tank distance away from the hab and be able to oxygenate from it. I also think to get rid of the launch pad providing the 2 starting boxes and be able to print those boxes from the backpack upon start and nothing else. I see how they made those boxes available from the pad with this update because without that the launch pad would basically be useless at this point
  2. Exploits don't harm Astroneer

    I’m going to guess that some one also has been raised and told that cannabis is also a drug because it’s a plant and some people have abused it. Therefore making it a horrible thing for everyone to use
  3. Exploits don't harm Astroneer

    Astroneer isn’t necessarily a coop game. The majority of the time, multiplayer doesn’t even work. In a space survival such as Astroneer someone is most likely going to use exploits (in the positive meaning) to benefit themselves in their own single player game, or by accident. I was playing the new update 6.0.0 and 6.1.0 and didn’t even realize that I had “exploits” helping me the entire time.
  4. Screenshots Megathread

    I was creating a sick cave base to be protected from the storms when I found this natural hole in the wall. It looks as if I had dug this hole out but, I promise I didn’t
  5. Screenshots Megathread

    So I was on arid creating a underground shelter/base and digging with the wide mod when I suddenly ran out of power. I was not worried because I knew I had solar panels, a large and a small battery to refill me up. When I took a trip back to my shuttle to fill my power back up, or grab compound to build a small generator to fill me up, I think I encountered a bug that was supposedly fixed with patch 6.2.0. The oxygen line hooked me up to the shuttle and none of the power went from the shuttle to me at all. Below I have a screenshot to show me hooked to the power and no power being transferred
  6. This is literally frickin awesome. Thank you for this piece of information. Does it work if the wall is just a flat surface? I don’t think this is a bug because technically that wall could potentially be “a side of a mountain” and it should be able to stick. Too bad your work light doesn’t work on the bottom right corner
  7. I just came back.. wow

    You’re correct minus the fact that the game has been updated consistently. It hasn’t. Lol the two major changes to the game was the excavation and the base building update
  8. Screenshots Megathread

    The drill has never required power. So basically you have a drill that you have to pick up and move
  9. Slightly odd

    I’m trying to figure out why the hotfix 6.1.0 has not been released for Xbox one yet? Am I wrong? Am I right? Can I have an answe if there is one?
  10. I honestly think the the habitats should just not supply power from any point in the game at all. Unless there is a battery or solar panel connected to it and it acts as an extension point then that fine but none other than that. That would fix all the problems for people to exploit the power situation with the habitat.
  11. I stated this somewhere in the forum I just can’t rmemeber where. I also wish that with every new habitat that is created it would act just as the initial base does. It should deploy, and have a giant flat surface, along with the landing pad. The way the new habitats work is just like the old one minus the flat area at all. Also you can now dig under and over the printed habitats. I hate it. I hope it gets changed in the next patch.
  12. I really like the concept of having a giant flat surface be deployed around the starting habitat and it transforming from the old one into the new one and the landing pad that pops out. I was almost extremely disappointed when I took a printed habitat to Barren and found that I didn’t get absolutely anything from it when I deployed my own habitat. I didn’t even get any size of a flat surface around it. I could even dig under and cover up the entire habitat with soil. I think that any habitat that gets deployed should have the same sequence as the first drop ship you get when you start a game. Not just some old school hab that became worse. Now there is no point for me to build any habitats and I will just use large platforms to create my new bases around the galaxy. Please @SES_Adam create the new habitats to act as the first one.
  13. Solar Panel does not charge the rover

    Also a small generator with organic does not seem to fuel the rover. Also, does anyone know if this hotfix is on Xbox one yet? I know it came out on Friday and as of last night on Saturday Xbox one did not have it
  14. So there was nothing wrong with the large shuttle until I got in to test out the vehicle bay and this large shuttle. Upon exiting the shuttle it flipped over as if it didn’t want me to get out and it threw a fit. I have a screenshot of the shuttle as it is tipped over. Also I feel like the color of malachite should not be as close to the color of the deep caverns of Terran because they look very similar. I will be looking for malachite and can’t help but get distracted by the pointed rocks coming out of the ground that are just barely the same shade of green as everything deep down.