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  1. rileya_c

    Update 8.0 sucks

    Hopefully they have a hotfix update before a month goes by while we wait for v9.0 and another game breaking bug appears
  2. rileya_c

    Update 8.0 sucks

    And of course you don’t know when it will freeze so you can’t save before it happens right? Lol which character are you using?
  3. rileya_c

    Update 8.0 sucks

    So everything was running perfect and seemed like the performance of the game was running smoother than ever. Usually I play as pajama but since a new update I figured let’s llay as the fat guy. So I started a new save and as soon as I get 1-2 research chambers going and I get some progress in the save, my game freezes and does absolutely nothing. Forcing me to go back to Xbox home screen, close the game, and start again from where I left off before I could save. Me being the rage quitter I am, said screw it and began playing a different game. Soon after I began wanting to play Astroneer again so I continued my save, got to about the same point and what do ya know, my game freezes and actually kicks me back to the Xbox home screen by itself. This has been 2 more game crashes that I’ve experienced playing this game in the entire time I’ve been playing it since December 2016. I understand this is an in development game and it’s a work in progress but I’d like to play a game where my work has a purpose and my progress doesn’t get lost. I hope there is a hot fix soon.
  4. rileya_c

    Quick move buttons

    So everyone knows how when you pick something up and click X on the Xbox one version of Astroneer your item will transfer directly to the back pack. It would be so cool if you could pick something from your back pack, say maybe canisters? And click a button that would put it directly into the terrain tool
  5. rileya_c

    A little disappointed.

    So I’m a little disappointed because in the latest patch v7.0.0, I have substantially less progression than any other patch and it has come with the same, if not more lag and less performance than ever before. I have always played on Xbox one, and have never encountered this much of a problem before even after it has been announced that this patch was supposed to improve performance. I used to be able to have about 10 research modules running and about 20 medium batteries and the game would become extremely laggy. Now, I’ve got half of each and I’m at the same amount of lag. Once it gets this bad I either quit playing until the next t patch or I start a new save. Most of the time I choose to quit playing til the next patch because what’s the point in starting a new save when I know it’ll become so laggy and not fun within a few hours? I feel the only point to starting new saves is to practice the quickest way to unlocking everything through the catalog and how to build the best and efficient base. I love Astroneer and the main thing killing the game for me right now, is the performance. There should at LEAST be a full patch fully devoted to fixing performance. It has been an issue since day 1
  6. rileya_c

    Was the smelter glitch fixed?

    DAMN IT. I had never gotten to try out that glitch and once i tried I was playing on v7.0.0. But thanks so much for your informative reply
  7. Did the smelter duplication glitch get patched in v7.0.0?
  8. rileya_c

    So... How Do I put a Cockpit on my Rocket?

    I always just put an open 1 seat on the rocket because I honestly don’t like the enclosed 1 or 3 seat. The main reason being because once you get in the door remains open for the duration of your space flight. Might as well just have a open seat and be exposed to space as you would be with an “enclosed” seat.
  9. rileya_c

    New Things

    So a few things appeared in my save directly around my base that had not been there since the start of my save I have attached some pictures so you understand what I’m talking about. One thing that appeared was one of those giant column type things, and a few of the crystal formation type things appeared inside one of my rover chains which I now cannot drive
  10. rileya_c


    Thanks for the info, prior to this update hematite had exactly zero uses. Now you can research it, it has more bytes offered than titanium, and you don’t need a inhibitor mod to dig it up as you do titanium. I went to Arid looking for lithium and titanium, now hematite is just another treasure to look for!!
  11. No no I think you may have misunderstood me, lol the new tiny small rover has no problems for me at the moment. The old, medium and large rovers are where the problems are. The medium rover will lose power when all I’m doing is turning the steering wheel. The large rover with 6 wheels literally will not move instantly after I print it. I think system era needs to express ship a hot fix
  12. Actually I just built my first and second large rover and they both won’t move at all while still moving power trying to do so. I am a proud owner of a Chevrolet Volt In real life and you don’t hear about a persons losing electric charge while turning their steering wheel 🤦🏻‍♂️
  13. I absolutely think that’s the updated driving system fixed a lot of issues and is a lot better than the old one. The one and only problem I have is that the medium rover, not sure about the large one, (becusss I haven’t tested the large one yet) but the medium rover will use energy even when only turning the wheels. Without throttle or reverse try turning your wheels, you will use power to go nowhere
  14. rileya_c

    Buggy Update

    Since Microsoft certification takes the longest, system era should wait until they get that done before releasing the patch so everyone gets it at the same time. Xbox one users always feel second hand
  15. rileya_c

    Update 7.0 is out?!

    Xbox one is always second hand when it comes to the release of patches and it sucks major