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    Lack of End game

    I feel like there is a large lack of endgame material for this game. I spend hours getting materials for research and then nothing. I have a bunch of rovers and bases, but nothing to do but mine with them. I was hoping there would be another level of conflict instead of flying rocks, that phase through walls and rovers. Maybe with the base building, if you could create a large habitat that you can walk into and sleep in during the night. Maybe something that can fly. Also, I would like to see the remains of the spacecraft that we find around the place have more of an impact while we are playing. It is really disappointing to get to one and only find a titanium and copper, then two compounds. I have played the game for ten hours and have not found one coal vein. I want a little something more to do than just mine for soil all day. It is too repetitive, and frankly, I don't want another Minecraft.
  2. jacob chadwick


    So while I am playing my rovers will try to float away. but only if I am too far from them. Not like other side of the planet, but like 10 yards away. Then the wheels will fall off and reappear.