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  1. Any device that help you to get more items, particularly those that are not in the planet, is going to be detrimental to the exploration part of the game only if the main focus for exploring is to get resources. Now, most resources are essential for building a stable base (lithium, for example, is needed for a free-of-hassle stable energy supply). Therefore, limiting trade is going only to increase the time to have a nice base. I don't think that is the way to go, at least not for materials relevant to the base up to medium (medium battery, medium solar panels, etc.). For other things like travelling outside the solar system, great automation complex, automatic harvesters, and even puzzle solving I think that they should be linked to non-tradeble materials. Most part of the exploration should be more because you want to see the outside world than to find a bit of lithium.
  2. Chepelink

    Shredder review

    Well, I don't know about that. I mean in the sense that we might have gotten more than just that, just nothing tangible. Furthermore, people have been asking for a way to recycle their unused stuff, and this is one way of doing it. Maybe is not what everybody wanted for a recycling machine, but it is something. Well, the idea is not to be a substitute of mining. It would be the same like saying "I can get a lot more from mining than from exploring crashed space debris". It is suppose to be an extra for exploration. A way to get materials after sightseeing the world. An alternative form of playing. I kind of agree with this. It has potential but it is not at the point in which you want to use it.
  3. Chepelink

    Shredder review

    The question for you is "What are you looking for when you play Astroneer"? Not all players are going to find an update interesting or enriching. I'll give you a quick example: I don't care about decorations nor making a beautiful base. Thus, for me, decorations are not with my definition of enrich game play, but other players do like those things and find them enriching. For me, it enriches game play because it gave me another reason to be exited by things in the world. Because even debris is now a form of treasure. It does not matter if I go spelunking or go exploring the surface, I'll find valuable things. Before, when I went to try to find big debris to get a bit of lithium for my first batteries it was a complete gamble. Now, I can go outside and find myself being happy even if I don't get lithium. And it is way more fun than a can full of dirt and a sample to duplicate it... I guess with your 700 hours of play you have explored every single corner of the game... including the trade platform. And within the trade platform you should have found the flexibility to adapt to any situation you are facing. Not enough lithium? Trade. Going all spelunking without going to the surface? Trade. Never going spelunking? Trade. Lazy to go and get basic resources? Trade. Are you in a new planet that does not have a particular resource? Trade. How is not that diverse strategies? And the list can go on. Fair enough, it is the trade platform that has the flexibility, not the Shredders per-se. What the Shredder (scraps) does is not different what money did to barter. It ease trade. Opening the world to different approaches. If you cannot see how is that a viable option that opens different strategies, well, I cannot help you with that. Now, if you've read my review you'd found that right now it is not efficient to do it, it is slow and consume too much energy and it does not have a buffer nor rovers with dump boxes to gather recycle materials. Right now is tedious to put it on a rover and go spelunking all the way down to the core gathering scraps mainly because it consume too much energy and, inside caves, there are not a lot of energy. That limits the approaches that can be done with it. But it can be solved by reducing the energy consumption and/or improving the energy management and gathering in caves (and even on the over-world).
  4. Chepelink

    Shredder review

    The shredder mechanic/scrap is quite interesting in term of resource management. It allows the player to decide what resources they can get, making it quite a nice addition to the game. It also makes an alternative resource reward for exploration, a thing that I gladly welcome. Well, at least in theory. The reality is that it is not quite right. There are some inherent problems with the mechanics. Medium shredder: Kind of useless because it cannot shred much so there is nothing to say about it. It is better to spend a bit more research points and aluminium to get the Large one from the get go. Large shredder: Energy consumption: Extremely bad, particularly if placed on a rover to shred while exploring. The idea of getting the scrap to shred while exploring is very nice, but the problem is that it slows way too much the exploring part. Even if you just explore to get scrap it is quite slow, not only because of the shred speed, but also because the energy consumption is too high to bother to move while shredding. Shredding speed: Slow. The shredding speed is a bit slow. This is also a problem when trying to explore and shred what you find in your way. It seems that it is better to just ignore the debris while exploring. Lack of buffer: Seriously? Only one object at a time? If the shredding speed is not bad enough, the fact that there is no buffer to add more debris to shred at the same time make it even worse. Or let say in another way, if you add a buffer the shredding speed would be of less concern and the exploration speed would increase making it viable (if the energy consumption is lessened a notch or two). Rover are not equipped with a dump box: As far as I can tell, it is not possible to easily move the small debris around, you know, like a truck with a dump box. The lack of options to move the debris makes the collection of debris almost non-existent unless you put the shredder on a rover (and the energy consumption...). The amount of scrap is good enough: Even-though I don't particularly enjoy the lack of buffer and the absurd energy consumption of the shredder, I feel like the amount of scrap that you can obtain is good enough. It is not too much that make gathering resources useless, but is not too few that make it worthless. I would say it is a bit on the low side if you take into consideration the previous points, but if those are fixed the amount would be good enough or even better (though that may need a bit of a nerf, small nerf). Not all debris are shred-able: And I don't mean making those big crashed space stations. I mean things like broken platforms. I hope that this get into the next patch. Scraps: The scrap as a trading currency is great. For most part I feel that is balanced, except for the higher tier materials (lithium, titanium). I think that these are a bit too expensive. Reducing to a 1 per 3 scraps may do the trick. Also, with the high energy consumption of the large shredder, lithium is more valuable more than ever (particularly on the rover). Closing arguments. The shredder idea is a great one in terms of enriching the game-play. It allows for diverse strategies mostly tied to exploring the planet. But the lack of a buffer and the energy consumption of the large shredder, or the lack of a dump box for the rovers, make exploration to slow down too much. It seems faster and more entertaining to just quickly explore the debris and hope to find rare materials like lithium. Also, not all debris are capable of being shred to scrap. If this are fixed I feel that the shredder might get better.
  5. Chepelink

    Do we need a better crafting system?

    I have a question for you, why they need to answer those questions? It may be obvious to you, but it is not. Anyway... What makes a Fabricator, a Fabricator? Because it fabricates things. Why doesn't the Medium Printer have a Interface Tablet? They are working on interfaces as far as I know... it may have an interface pretty soon. Why is the Vehicle Bay called a Vehicle Bay if it makes Modules, Objects and Vehicles? It makes Modules and Objects over vehicles, thus it makes sense. Why doesn't the Medium Printer print packaged forms of Objects? Maybe in the future would do, maybe not. Most objects, if not all, from the medium printer can be placed on some platforms and are easy to take and move... as if they were packed. On the other hand, most modules from the fabricator aren't as portable after unpacking. Why does the fabricator fabricate packaged forms of item? Because they are easier to move and place on platforms like a rover or, more importantly, a (large) shuttle. Why can't we choose if we want the object to packaged or not? Why would we want to choose not a packaged one if unpacking is simple and fast? Why can't I unpack a 1x1 package in a medium storage 1x2 slot? Dunno What defines a Small, Medium, and Large thing, module, object, item...? Their size, maybe? Most of the answers are my assertions and, therefore, does not imply anything from the devs.
  6. Chepelink

    Why this weird control??

    I used to play lots of MMO so I like this over the horrid TPS control... but I would support a toggle option.
  7. Chepelink

    Redesign Research Catalog

    Way better than what we have right now. If this were a mod I would download ASAP. This is something that I wanted for quite long time. +1
  8. Chepelink

    SES Vlog 30 - "It doesn't toast. It SHREDS."

    If my memory serve me right, I recall people asking for something like that. A way to reuse/destroy things in the base that they no longer use. As right now, there is little to do with it, but remember that we haven't gotten to the balance phase of the game yet (hopefully). Also, trading could be the only way to get some recipes or materials in the near future. Thus, it might be more useful later on. If not... well... ?
  9. Chepelink

    O2 Compromise for Pick Start Location

    +1 If the devs include other difficulty options and more flexible game-play, this could be better.
  10. Chepelink

    O2 vs Storyline & Funtime

    Though I agree and desire a more flexible game/difficulty so that more people enjoy it (and stated in a previous post), sometimes is not that simple to program. It seems simple, but if the idea wan't built from the beginning it may be a problem of the engine, and messing with the engine so late in development may cause more troubles than solutions. I hope that this is integrated in the near future, or at least at a certain extend.
  11. Chepelink

    Hunter and Pray

    Though I agree with the sentiment about guns, I do think that is not possible to have dangerous -insert type here- without a way to protect ourselves. Just look the gas plants, without them dying by your hand, you wouldn't have a way to deal with them. They kill you fast enough and terrain does not seem to matters to them. So, why add aggressive -type- if you cannot deal with it in one way or another. Guns don't necessarily means something that shoots projectiles. Like, for example, a sound gun (though sound is the projectile). And there are smoke bombs, teargas, water bullets, and a long etc.
  12. Chepelink

    Why don't I explore more

    Well... we can have fun and really see how efficient are Astroneer tanks in reality because, you know, the planets are not in the same scale as Astroneer planets. We can do a bit of math and see how many days of oxygen a reality-like earth tank should last to have the same theoretical scale as the tanks in Astroneer. With that I mean to have the same feat of strength (like walking around the globe). But that would be mostly theoretical and the inconsistencies between scales and physics would make that just a party talk at best. Well, how many games promotes exploring? What makes Astroneer different from, let say, No Man's Sky? What makes you want to play this game and not that game? That is the selling point. And if SES thinks that tethers is the selling point (and for me, it is), well is up to them. They have to live with their decisions.
  13. Chepelink

    Why don't I explore more

    I'm not going to pretend that you don't have a point (because you have it), but there is a fundamental problem in trying to equate technologies with critical different characteristics. To begin with, the technology that the tethers uses in Astroneer can be said is way more advanced that we have today. They have no loss in energy and oxygen over any length, much less pressure loss. Furthermore, the inner and outer pressure difference is of no concern. They are also dynamically binding multiple tethers at an amazing speed. Not only that, but they adapt to different chemical and atmospheric conditions without deteriorating nor being destroyed. Tanks nowadays use a lot of pressure to increase the oxygen capacity, but that comes with a cost, don't you think? And how that cost could be solved in 400 years? You can say that, lore wise and tech wise, the solution they come for having a flexible system that allows you to survive under any atmospheric conditions and with the usage of strange materials like compound is to be limited by oxygen time. Right now we don't have a technology this close and flexible, not by a long shot. Yes, we have oxygen tanks in space suits that last way longer than in Astroneer (6-8.30 hours if you ask), but they are build under particular assumptions, and these assumptions are not "that works under any atmospheric conditions alien to earth while at the same time being printable, portable, that has almost zero loss, that also transmit energy, and can be dynamically join". If you just think a bit about the physics of how things works, you may find that it is totally plausible to have this limited oxygen capacity while at the same time, being way more advanced. Obviously as with any media, there are inconsistencies (like, while it is understandable that pressure cannot be delivered very efficient using tethers, why don't have better a pressure technology inside the habitat), some are oversights other are by design.
  14. Chepelink

    O2 vs Storyline & Funtime

    Though the full scale would be great, I meant it more about less options (research, trade, and general cost, for example) Maybe it is just you, maybe more people think the same. but as 101101110111 said, what makes Astroneer different from all other base-building games is O2.
  15. Chepelink

    O2 vs Storyline & Funtime