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  1. PopinFRESH

    Railway system

    Also That is another good thread about this topic
  2. PopinFRESH

    Railway system

  3. I'm fairly sure this has been suggested previously, however, I can't find the thread I recall seeing it in. This concept would go hand in hand with some of the other ideas of making "streaming" resources using the same, and/or, additional "hoses" similar to how the streaming power currently works. There has been several threads regarding larger canisters or storage silos that you could select which resource you want them to store. Then some platform module that would break down the resources into (possibly compressible) powder/liquid that would be streamed via the hoses to any attached storage silo with available capacity and that resource selected as its option. The types of modules described could be generic for the same type of streaming resources system. Drilling Derrick - A large (or extra large) module to place on a deployed platform (the normal large or extra large platform would be the substructure mentioned). Large mount that extends forward over the area immediately in front of the platform with a large vertical drill pipe that would drill a very narrow hole to some specified depth (with a limit so you can't drill through the entire planet). This would be the derrick mentioned. Once the drill reaches the specified depth it would siphon the soil/resource in a specific radius. Mods such as the wide mod and turbo mod could be mountable to increase the siphon rate and the size of the radius Large Pump - A module that connects with hoses that facilitates and/or increase the pressure / stream rate of resources in one direction. Ground-Penetrating Radar - A medium module that can be mounted to the front/rear mounts on a large rover and would use power to perform a subsurface scan for randomly placed resource nodes at varying depths (I don't think they are planning on introducing liquids) using different soil types for pockets of soil that is rich in certain resources. It would scan directly beneath it (in a width slightly wider than the large rover) to the same depth limit that the drill / derrick has. The UI for this would tell you the depth(s) of possible resources and what type(s) of resources may be present. The rest is basically the same/similar idea for the storage silo or large canister which you can either build locally at a site and then transfer via hose to a "tanker" (Large rover with multiple large canisters) for transport back to your base(s). Or you could run hoses out from your base(s) to near by sites and connect them directly to your infrastructure to be used by your crafting systems Another idea which has been suggested a few times that would make this really fun is the idea of a "steam-roller" attachment for the large rover to "pave" flat roads which would be like the blacktop surface under the habitat and would prevent rocks & debris from being generated. This would be pretty fun to pave roads out to a drilling site so you can have some onsite mass-collection into large canisters (silos) and then a large rover caravan with several large canisters on them so you could pump your local storage into the rover and then drive it back to your base on a smooth road. This would really make multiplayer fun with a few friends being able to setup a supply line of someone crafting at the base while someone else drives a tanker rover to collect mass-resources from different sites, while others are roaming around with an exploration rover scanning for new deep deposits for drilling sites.
  4. PopinFRESH

    Ground vehicles should have headlights

    +1 Putting this, or a small attachment point, on the top of the seats roll bar to allow for forward projected light would be cool. I currently do the same as @Wary Explorer and attach work lights which is ok but could be better. I would prefer if they made a small attachment point on either side of the top of the small seat (like on your back pack) so you can attach a work light, or small solar, or small wind. Then add an option to the work light to make it toggle between an omni-directional (like it is currently) to a directional cone (like a headlight beam).
  5. The default behavior of the terrain tool with CTRL is flat to the plane it started on. This is some what challenging to get something that is the "right" plane you are wanting but it works to make a flat surface. This seems to be the "flat" you are after rather than the alignment tool which changes the CTRL behavior to be relative to the starting points plane as a tangent to the vector from the center of the planet at the distance from the center. In other words this will make a "flat" that follows the circumference of the planet at the height you started at.
  6. I like this Idea better than multiple mounts. They could slightly modify the mount system on the model and how it attaches to the seat(s) with the idea that it is mounted with bearings on the tubular pipe roll cage and could slide along that to effectively rotate the seat from bottom mount to rear mount. Added a couple mockups below. Basically remove the material that attaches the mount point to the seat body itself and have just the round attachment point that the tubular bar passes through be only attached to that roll bar. Then model a detached support beam that connects between the two mount points but does not attach to the seat body. Then they could actually animate this so the seat rotates to "level" based on the attachment point. The same concept would be applied to the 3 seat open frame seat, but with the large mount points which might be a bit harder to make look right with the 2 inline mounts. Even if they didn't animate it and just adjusted the model based on attachment point it would still be good. If they did animate them, it would probably be harder to do for the enclosed seats, but not out of the question. I would definitely prefer this look rather than having 2x separate mount points on the seats with one being unused all the time..
  7. PopinFRESH

    Backpack Upgrade

    Not really what he is suggesting but basically serves the same/similar function. I would tend to agree with you that there are already options to accomplish this goal, including filters, small solar panel, and rovers. The difference between these and what @organ suggested is that his request would continuously supply O² and power further from a tether. I personally don't think this is needed as your first order of business should be to get enough research to get a vehicle up for exploration which greatly decreases the need for tethers
  8. PopinFRESH

    Teleporter - Full Description.

    I'm not really a fan of teleporting from planet to planet, however, I somewhat like the idea of a teleportation platform that you could build and then link a beacon to it. Such as a "beam me up" type of interaction where it is a return to the platform rather than from planet to planet. The player would have to carry the beacon on their backpack for the teleportation platform to lock on to their position when they activate it. This does still pose the problem that it would deprecate a lot of the fun from vehicle exploration.
  9. PopinFRESH

    Research speed

    Or you build ramps in the cave system so you can drive your rover(s) in them to collect research. As well as having a mobile base part of deploying a research station on one of your rovers so you can process research while you are driving the research back to your base.
  10. @Rebelord I'm not a moderator so its not my life you are making more difficult, but you should read the mod's sticky posts "Keep This Section Clutterfree - Read Before You Post". It literally asks you not to do that and to make use of the search/google to see if there is already a thread regarding a suggestion/idea. re-posting rather than replying to the existing thread (which will also bump it to the top) does nothing but clutter up the forum and fragments the information, especially when the discussion is in a thread for a different suggestion like this OP.
  11. Might I suggest a tweak to this sticky thread regarding common ideas that continue to get "new ideas" posted regularly. Update the OP organized similar to the roadmap categories and rather than just list the general ideas summary text link the "prime/first" thread for that idea and rename that thread with a similar naming organization to the developers tracker system (Jira, Trello, etc.) such as: RESOURCES - Mass-material Storage Container RESOURCES - Streaming Materials System This way people have a direct link from this thread to "THE" consolidated thread for an idea/topic and will be less likely to open a duplicate thread. This should also make it easier for the developers to pull in these ideas if moderators are updating the titles for such threads to be somewhat more standard / organized more similar to the development categories/systems.
  12. PopinFRESH


    Seems like you are describing this https://store.steampowered.com/app/220200/Kerbal_Space_Program/
  13. @Rebelord this was already suggested and you commented on it originally in The idea of streaming resources and a modified mineral extractor and Silo system is a really good concept. We should try to keep it consolidated to that discussion thread and pointing people to it rather than make new threads about it. @Astrofun I'd suggest adding your mockups to that thread as it is closer to what you are mocking up rather than this threads OP of adding power generation to the XL-storage dome.
  14. PopinFRESH

    Ideas for flat base and world

    180º, 45º, and 90º relative to what? This already works (except 45º) with the augments mentioned you just need to make sure you are starting with your cursor on the relative plane, e.g. the level you want to flatten to. I currently have a perfectly flat subterranean garage for my rovers with a ramped driveway in and out on either end of it. If your complaint is the time it takes to do so with the extraction tool that is a different topic which has already had several proposed ideas to help, such as a "Steamroller" module for the rover to work in the same way as the relative flat mod while driving the rover to pave out flat areas (relative to the planet circumference) I literally just stranded myself in that save game otherwise I would have grabbed you some screen captures of it. If I remember once I get my next save game up to that point I'll take a screen capture and add it here. Making flat floors and 90º flat walls is totally possible right now. I think you might be using the flatten (CTRL) without that alignment mod, which isn't relative to the planet circumference. https://astroneer.gamepedia.com/Alignment_Mod
  15. PopinFRESH

    Camera Steering

    You should really rename this thread to "Persistent Mouse Look" or "Default to Mouse Look" as that is what you are asking for. "Camera Steering" already works the way you like and can be enabled currently, while holding right mouse button. What you want is to have the camera view port bound to the mouse. In my opinion this would be super cumbersome trying to do anything in menu items like your backpack, etc. A better solution may be to make "Mouse Look" a toggle rather than a press+hold control as @Blind Io mentioned.