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  1. If Tungsten could be removed from trade platform, game play would come much better.
  2. I use mobile shredder and crunch all on the way, but if you need somekind transportation to items, use just large rover and put medium storages as a wall around above rover.
  3. Here has been lot of request of map or somekind position system. So far what i need most is just distance meter to planet core. Beacons and compass has been enought so far at surface of planet, but when go under to caves, it would help a lot if i could now the distance to planet core. Good place to meter is at compass, when you move mouse over player avatar and it opens compass, the distance number could shown at ground like directions.
  4. hmm... we have dynamite but it not work for that way. Would be nice to blow platforms to few pieces ?
  5. Noticed that maybe storm frequency has increased a lot and also IMHO erosion is much stronger now... not good Dont know that is it just game play idea that players build theirs bases inside caves and not use open air bases.. just a thought.
  6. platform: windows 7, 64 bit I noticed that time to time when you place tethers starting from rover and then drive rover away, tethers stays active and gives unlimited power and air. Tethers turns off line or black after you move one tether.
  7. Could be one direction what to add to game later. I would see that those parts are not right away printable but you have to salvage blueprints from the wrecks first. Then you could build space station at ground and then launch it to orbit (i have pile of thrusters and have to use them to somewhere ) One funny add to this thing would be that you have to attach those solarpanel wrecks to space station to get it to power, otherwise there will be dark inside
  8. I think that one easy way could be just add to medium generator the possibility to use hydrazine as a fuel beside coal. Energy efficiency as douple as coal.
  9. 2596 and 1280 are very common i think and they are found like everywhere under that yellow red dot plant.
  10. I fix my lights that wont work to attach them to rover front plugs. Usually that turns them on. I found that if you attach bugged light to bugger rover, it will fix to bug
  11. hmm.. this gauge thing could be like distance meter. Here is suggested that map should be add to this game, but it turns game play too much to easy. I would rather to see that this gauge meter shows your distance to the core or to the nearest base, so you would get information how deep your are and also with other set that where is your base without helpping game play too much.
  12. Yey with new patch there is now lights!! But i think that those are just bugged
  13. One thing have to think before we start trading materials. With mineral extrator is quite easy to made resources for traiding. I think that there should be somekind visual difference between resources that are mined from deposit or done by mineral extractor. Also price and research bytes between mined and manufactured resources should be different.