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  1. shadowcrafter01

    Day/Night Cycle Freeze

    so, if you were to move to where there was sunlight you would have infinite solar power? this sounds like fun actually! no clue how to fix it though, never seen anything like that happen before, reinstalling the game entirely might fix it?
  2. those are the symbols from the "truncated thingamabob" that you get from putting the resource in the core the symbol for the resource is in the core too, so you have to get to the core before you know what you need (or you can cheat and look it up like i did :P)
  3. shadowcrafter01

    1.0.4 - Steam - Desolo gateway chamber wont power up

    my guess would be that giving it all the power it needs instantly is the problem, maybe try plugging it in before putting the rtg's on the rover? besides that i haven't a clue, though it worked fine for me using like 8 small generators lined out on the ground
  4. shadowcrafter01

    Asteroid Mining

    yyyyyyyyyup that's it
  5. shadowcrafter01

    Asteroid Mining

    oh hey, i had an idea like this a while back... i thought more like there should be an asteroid belt between the orbits of two planets that you could mine with a crane on your rocket as you cruised by, would make planet jumping easier (just thought i'd put the old pics here)
  6. shadowcrafter01

    I like that thing & may be a fun idea?

    I would enjoy a sort of "creative mode" for the game where it would be available, not in standard gameplay though that would ruin it... maybe called "developer mode" or something
  7. shadowcrafter01

    Wedgie Planet

    wow, that's the worst ive seen that happen, do the chunks collide with you when you are on barren? its happened to me before with barren and exotic (or tundra, it was blue)
  8. shadowcrafter01

    Does recources and plants grow???

    i think loading an old save after an update resets it, those are the only times i have experienced lethal plants and ores to regenerate, other than that grass and rocks will regrow constantly
  9. shadowcrafter01

    O2 vs Storyline & Funtime

    maybe you could choose the level of supplies that you launch to the planet with, like with a limited budget or something you can choose either more oxygen/faster terrain tool/brighter helmet light/stronger suit (slower but can take more damage)/or a lighter suit (faster but not as strong) you wouldn't be able to pick all of them as you would run out of bytes (and it'd be op) but you could pick a few that best meet your personal playing style like you enjoy the exploration without any hassle? choose an upgraded starter tank and maybe a lighter suit so you move faster like caving and don't mind worrying about tethers? choose a strong suit and a better light to start with they could even make the menu be inside the space station and you walk about purchasing what you need for the expedition I don't know if anyone else has thought of this, if so I'm totally on board with it
  10. that's cause it rotates as it orbits the sun, similar to our moon in real life that rotates the same speed it orbits so we never see the other side of it
  11. shadowcrafter01

    Screenshots Megathread

    found where all the research pods went... collected a bunch of those re-growing research things been a while since ive seen this happen, and woah one of the chunks literally collided with barren! the sky went blue all of a sudden
  12. shadowcrafter01

    Tradable bytes

    you could instead just research the 8 compound and get 40 bytes in 2:30 minutes each cool little feature
  13. shadowcrafter01

    Logic Modules

    oh yes PLEASE! one of the key things that make me play Minecraft is the ability to automate just about everything I realize that Redstone alone may not allow "automation", but it is an important step in the right direction!
  14. shadowcrafter01

    I am currently flying in space on a rover chair that I control

    ah yes, the seat glitch! I love it so much, and I honestly hope it stays forever (or at least until they make a replacement for it)
  15. oh yea thats what happens to me too, now and then they fall completely through the ground on loading the game, i just remember to park them on the roof of my base each time i leave