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    "Patch 0.5.1" - January 18th, 2018

    it me braxton im game cridic so hello everyone at system era i have played your game for one week on xbox one and felling the game lacking in some area's so that hurt's you total score but if you adress these problom's i feel that astroneer has the potinchle to be just as pouler as mine craft yes mine craft now issue one geting around is no problom it fiding your way back that is the problem i feel add a map to the backpack would improve thing alot a map like simer to mine craft where players have to explore to unlock the hole planet map. issue two soil storage and ore storeage. and fule storage having a soil and fuil storage tanks would be nice and a ore storage depo and shelter i find living in a hole in the ground unapealing and the charicters or space ? suits i have not seen a female one . issue three there are save bugs big ones you'll leave game after saving and lose all that progress. then wind turbines dont turn in windstroms the the rovers will some time fly up in the air for no reason and when your driving somtime's the wheels come off the spaw back then landers i feel that there needs to be a biger one or maby a small cargo rockit added becases some planets have serten things. i would like to see the backpack and terrain tool setup to where o2 tanks batterys just upgrade your main bar of power and o2 on the back pack so i can carry other stuff i need at the time the small lander sucks needs a over hall like fuil capasty i got stuck in space. now storm codeing on other planets some storms have no durbens. over all astroneer is a fun challenging game i give it a E rating famly frindly and fun the age of 6+ very adictive and fun cant wait the next up date to score you guys again 3 1/2 star's to contact me text at [Removed] or by gmail [Removed] have a wonderful evning and thank you for listing you do know you can hook up a key bord to you xbox right