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  1. Lightdeck

    Tiny Cursor Steam 7.0

    Also the BETA branch is currently the previous version of the game aka 6.8, so i checked by installing that version and my cursor was back to normal size. so i dont know if its the update messing up the scaling of the cursor or if the actual cursor shrank but what ever it is it bugs me
  2. Lightdeck

    Tiny Cursor Steam 7.0

    I just uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and the issue persists if that helps...
  3. Lightdeck

    Tiny Cursor Steam 7.0

    The Picture says it all. I checked all of the settings for graphics, im running the game on windows 10 at 1920*1080. Aaaaaand other then the tiny cursor, i did notice a lot more visual anomalies when it comes to multiplayer, nothing too serious other than my bud gently falling and popping up out of the floor.?
  4. I was just loading in the game, did a quick sweep of my base area to check on everything the i left towards a plant in the distance to check for research shortly after picking up some organics i made it to the plant and the game crashed right as i started mining to check under it. the game didnt even stutter during the loading there were no visual or audio glitches it just suddenly froze and was stuck there until i force closed the game.