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  1. FranchiThePingu

    Update 0.9.0 - July 6th 2018

    *tongue click* Noice
  2. FranchiThePingu

    Dead bodies in multiplayer

    When you die or your friend in multiplayer the that died goes to get the stuff but the other doesn't so that other is stuck with the death icon it's so annoying because you have to go check the inventory to remove it. It should be made so when one checks the inventory to the other player it removes so it isn't that annoying.
  3. FranchiThePingu

    SES Vlog 30 - "It doesn't toast. It SHREDS."

    Scrap looks so cool, but one question. Are we gonna be able to shred tier 1 shredder in tier 2 shredder, hmmm??
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  5. FranchiThePingu


    What does +1 mean when someone posts that on your suggestions & ideas post?
  6. FranchiThePingu


    No, I haven't.
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    How do I rank up on this forum?
  8. FranchiThePingu

    Tutorial crash

    I've seen the new tutorial and wanted to try it so I tried it and it crashed after 10 minutes. And it didn't save.
  9. FranchiThePingu

    Flying chair

    You can still glitch it but it's harder they should really fix it because you have infinite oxygen in the chair and your almost invincible.
  10. What if they would add that you can build a plant house on some planets where there's no oxygen at the start but later has if you plant some plants that can maybe give you powers like more speed for 5 minutes, bigger jump for a couple of minutes or maybe a smaller chance of fall damage for couple of minutes, more health till you die, or something like that?
  11. FranchiThePingu

    Tutorial on and off

    Maybe you can add so you can turn on and turn off the tutorial so you don't need to bother with it every time.
  12. FranchiThePingu

    Ground glitch

    Theres a glitch that you can see under ground really weird.
  13. FranchiThePingu

    Render Distance

    Make settings for Render distance