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  1. My opinions (If I may): 1. let us destroy anything we make/build (solar panels smelters etc.) 2. Personally I think there should be more compounds. I run out of them very quickly, as they are used a lot! Also caves are filled with copper and resins too much. Not much compound even though its rarity is 'common'. 3. More explanation would be Great. I had huge trouble finding out what the filter and the winch were for (and I still do not know!!)
  2. For me it was worse, I fell straight to the ground, got the free-fall damage and lost all my stuff. Everything
  3. I'm worried a little. It would really be upsetting if they continue to downgrade the current beautiful graphics for the lack of frames.
  4. Number 1: floating small objects.(Two compounds were hanging mid-air, minimized with a device which I've never seen before) Number 2: Smelter Is dumb as fuck! I will need to test this out more, but I can't get that piece of aluminum out of there!!!! Even if i smelt more aluminum 1 would come out and half would still remain. (also If I smelt copper while the aluminum is half smelted, It just eats my copper ore and nothing comes out. I do not now currently If this is my problem only, But hell you guys lack explanation. Why are there four holes in the first place? If you need mor