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  1. My opinions (If I may): 1. let us destroy anything we make/build (solar panels smelters etc.) 2. Personally I think there should be more compounds. I run out of them very quickly, as they are used a lot! Also caves are filled with copper and resins too much. Not much compound even though its rarity is 'common'. 3. More explanation would be Great. I had huge trouble finding out what the filter and the winch were for (and I still do not know!!)
  2. PLY

    Falling through geometry

    For me it was worse, I fell straight to the ground, got the free-fall damage and lost all my stuff. Everything
  3. PLY

    [Merged] FPS Drop Reports

    I'm worried a little. It would really be upsetting if they continue to downgrade the current beautiful graphics for the lack of frames.
  4. Number 1: floating small objects.(Two compounds were hanging mid-air, minimized with a device which I've never seen before) Number 2: Smelter Is dumb as fuck! I will need to test this out more, but I can't get that piece of aluminum out of there!!!! Even if i smelt more aluminum 1 would come out and half would still remain. (also If I smelt copper while the aluminum is half smelted, It just eats my copper ore and nothing comes out. I do not now currently If this is my problem only, But hell you guys lack explanation. Why are there four holes in the first place? If you need more than one ore to smelt afterwords in the game to make the metal, why won't anything tell me? Why can't I take the half melted aluminum out? (I am willing to trough the half out If it only lets me smelt aluminum forever. Number 3: I'm at my base, I see blue lines in the connections of the two platforms made by resin(which symbols air), but i'm suffocating!!! Number 4: And I thought see-through walls only existed in the era of minecraft~(or so I believed) Number 5: My rover is about to rape a platform... Even before it is built! Why need an arm if you can not rotate it! Number 6: I cannot build any platforms after I build the end with something(research unit smelter etc.) Actually, if the platform where I built my things on exists on the end or one platform before, the platform that is attached afterwords disappears. Magic huh and the best part?? I cannot connect more platforms after a platform with a building on it. But It works If I already have more platforms connected (more than 2 or they get disappeared) and then build things on it afterwords. Sorry for my bad explanation but I bet everyone thinks its uncomfortable. Number 7: Let me destroy buildings or platforms, If I have the ability to make them!! Number 8: compounds. They have a rarity of 'common' but I see more copper and aluminum. Some of these may seem as opinions, not bug/glitch, but I believe they are. Lack of explanation on EVERYTHING and posing for more is an opinion. Rarity that cannot match its actual rarity needs to be treated as a Bug. I honestly think you guys made a rush. I appreciate the dev team currently working very hard for our satisfaction, but this current state misses the ESSENTIAL(read it twice I don't want to star a fight) details. Details that could have been easily noticed and easily fixed when you actually play it for a few hours. I am going to step out of the game for now, and wait until the game actually behaves like one. This game for me has unlimited potential and I hope you guys make a masterpiece out of it.