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  1. It's alright. I know my idea doesn't Sound great when it has setbacks, but as long as we can get a recycler or a recycling compactor (for the bigger objects), whether having benefits and trade offs or just having benefits, I'll be happy. I've also thought about your idea, it would be better to have the small items recycled and give the ingot it was made for (solar panel = copper, wind turbine = aluminum, etc.)
  2. I think I see what you're saying, yes i want to use the recycler to give a specific ingot at a certain cost for the material. I'm also saying my plan to have a recycler wouldn't Need to be specific of my idea, I do like to play games that give both benefits and trade offs, if the community says that they want to have Only benefits From the recyclers, I will stand down my side of the discussion and let the players have what they want. The only thing I want the developers to know is that I want to have a recycler in the game.
  3. Nice concept, but wouldn't it be a little too much when we use one small battery for one lithium? or for something in the future coming along that needs one titanium and in return getting one titanium? to me, it would feel like a glitch just to get one ingot from something small, i'm up for any discussion to solve this idea of getting ingots from small items.
  4. My new idea would be (as the title specifies) to give an option to deconstruct a base. This idea came in when i made two research stations when i wanted more bytes to create alot of things in a span of a few minutes, although it not only would make more free spaces, it would also create more branches of other bases, the only trade off i can say for now would be destroying a base entirely as well as the place it was on. The reason for that would be: To think or strategize of keeping what materials we have and using it sparingly. I can see some people might want something in retur
  5. Thank you for replying. My idea would be putting the item onto a pedestal (free space/storage) and let the recycler show the percentage of what it would turn into. An example would be: If I put on a wind turbine on a free space (at the minumum, 4 free spaces) of the entrance of the recycler, it would show 50% of aluminum and it wouldn't approve of making the aluminum ingot, putting on another wind turbine onto the other free space to make it 100%, then the recycler would approve making the aluminum ingot, then I would press a button and it would make the aluminum ingot and it would p
  6. I was thinking of creating a recycling plant to get rid of small objects and recieving a fraction of resources like from generators, wind turbines, solar panels, etc. My other idea would be creating a recycling compactor to get rid of larger parts like cranes, three seaters, and other large builds i will be thinking of more ideas when i find opportunities