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  1. 1 minute ago, Gonzo said:

    Still trying to work this out. 

    Do my versions of the game have to be the same in win 10 and Xbox 1?

    win 10 is version

    xbox is 1.3.0

    fresh install from Xbox store on both platforms.  

    Im able to see my co-op game hosted on win 10 from Xbox 1 astroneer menu but if I click join or accept any form of invite it’s the same “unable to find session”


    how are we supposed to have matching versions if that’s not available?

    Go into the downloads section of the microsoft store on your PC and click “Get Updates”

  2. 1 hour ago, CaptKaspar said:

    Crossplay worked fine for me last night. I was able to connect to a game, hosted on a Windows 10 PC, with my XB1X.

    The problem very well could be on your end. 

    It is extremely common in PC gaming to have MP connection issues. It has become increasingly common to have MP connection issues on consoles of late as well. Unlike console gaming, in PC gaming, there is a vast amount of different hardware out there. Sometimes hardware doesn’t play nicely together. The developers only have so many test rigs in the office to run different configurations.

    It is often useful for developers and the community trying to help you if you provide more info like what specs you have. 

    It is extremely likely that your issue is a port issue. The ports used to connect for crossplay are likely closed or blocked by something. This is almost always your firewall (windows and router), antivirus, and certain ports not being ‘forwarded’. Could be you just need to update your router firmware. 

    95%+ of the time I have found it to be a port forwarding issue. 

    Is there any other crossplay games that you can try? This would verify the issue is with Astroneer and not a setting on your end. 

    The community around this game is trying to help you enjoy it. Blowing up here on the forums and using vulgarity, likely isn’t going to get you very far. Good luck though! 👍



    I’ve tried games like Forza Horizon 4, Rocket League, and Minecraft and all of those work fine, it’s probably just a problem with astroneer.