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  1. Howlett

    Custom game mode : builder mode

    If you haven't already, you should use a crane and drill head. It speeds up soil collection time by a lot. And, by using a train of rovers, you can carry over 40 canisters and fill them up within a few minutes. That way you can have more than 10 canisters filled at a time. The trucks also enables breathing without tethers since it acts as a sort of mobile base. Personally, I don't go anywhere without my truck, a crane with a drill head, a few medium rovers, a bunch of large storages with medium storages on them, 40+ canisters, and a bunch of solar and wind modules.
  2. Howlett


    Oh yeah, I know it's still in testing phase (literally just a 3D model at this point), but eventually it'll be added because it kinda has to with all of the updates coming our way. When it does, my idea should work, however.
  3. Howlett

    Dropping Inventory Rapidly

    You could still have a hold for three seconds situation (unless there's already a keybind I don't know about on Xbox that is premapped) with like X or something.
  4. Howlett


    Yeah, a base module would be ideal. Until we get that massive rover, recycling on a rover wouldn't be the best idea. I think the idea of recycling is really cool, as the premise of the game is to survive on what you have, which fits the recycling idea. Once we do get the massive rover, it will basically be another base, so a recycling module on a mobile base would work. Nonetheless, I like the idea.
  5. Howlett

    GPS and Mapping System Ideas

    Thanks! I definitely want to see it implemented! And, seeing as many people want it, I think it can be done
  6. I know people have been asking for a map a lot, but I think that this idea would fit really well. First, you would have to print out a GPS (maybe with a mini printer added later, or just through your backpack). The GPS would be able to track x number of objects, such as research objects, rovers, players, or places on a map. Unlike beacons, the GPS would be opened up and show a short range map with dots representing the things you've tagged. When the objects are too far away, it shows an arrow pointing in their direction. The second tier of a GPS would be a stationary map that sits at your base. The map would show the dots, but it would be a much larger range. To expand the map, you would have to travel (incentivizing exploration) and place markers that are similar to beacons, but don't output a physical signal. The more markers you have, the more area you are able to see on the map. Finally, a third tier would be a stationary map station that shows terrain, topography, beacons, markers, players (with their names), artifacts, distances, can map way points, and had a legend. I think that making the maps stationary would be a good way to encourage player-to-player interactions, as one person would have to stay at the map, while the other would travel in accordance to what the operator says.