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  1. The Inhibitor Mod can definitely suck up resources that are under the ground. You're still probably missing some, because resource veins can go quite deep, but it can definitely get more than what's visible.
  2. Do I understand that you have eight Research Stations? Why? On Barren, the vast majority of research objects are low or mid-tier. I have a hard time believing you'd be able to keep eight research stations stocked at the same time. Plus. all the work you put into getting 16 batteries is definitely not worth it. I've been playing the game for less than 20 hours, I've never had more than two Research Stations at either of my bases, and I'm already almost out of things to unlock. So I have to disagree with your assumption that this is what most players do.
  3. Batteries drain to fill any power vacancy. So when you drive the rover, you use up the rover's power supply, and then the batteries immediately drain to fill that power back in, so it appears that you're just using the battery. I'm just not really sure how else you could program batteries to work.
  4. Perhaps you are just a super amazing Astroneer. I know for myself, at three hours I had barely achieved the basics. I'm at about 10 hours right now and I've just built myself a shuttle. But it doesn't really sound like you've built a shuttle. By "vehicle" I assume you just mean a rover. Are you not at all interested in travelling to other planets?
  5. I have never had my rover slide on me, so I'm not sure what you're talking about there. But I agree that the controls are a mess. So is handling in general. I would expect a rover designed for traversing an alien planet to be able to handle terrain a little better, and maybe not get hung up on every single rock. For objects, I would really like a button that would just allow me to add an object immediately to my backpack, instead of having to mouse over it and hope I hit the snap point right. But the inhibitor tool can dislodge rocks from the ground, so I'm not sure what your problem is t
  6. I just started playing this game a couple days ago. I haven't encountered any noticeable glitches so far except for one. It has happened to me three times so far: my deform gun will get stuck in a sort of automatic mode, where it will immediately start digging at whatever the cursor is touching, regardless of whether I am holding the mouse button. So far, every time it has occurred, it's been when I was doing a lot of adding or flattening. The bug persists when I press "E" to unequip and reequip the deform gun, but it will go back to normal after I open up my backpack. This is on the