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  1. Consistent crashing upon vehicle entry. Save function still hasn't been optimized to handle the games needs. The lag is so common that i feel we've gone backwards since 10.5 Alpha. Multiplayer is impossible to do for more than 3 minutes before host usually crashes. Loading into an MP game still doesn't load the terrain for about 10 seconds so half the time you're standing there suffocating. Lighting for vehicle driving is not well managed, the vehicle itself casts a massive shadow. This makes reading terrain very challenging. The loading times, while slightly improve
  2. Change the keymapping for X1 handtool to be held (B). I cannot get in my rovers or use my stations half the time. This shouldn't be an issue, if anything the ability to remap the controller as needed would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Upon exiting a large rover after about 45 minutes of non-issue, the exit point of the character was under the vehicle. The vehicle rattles for about 5 seconds and then throws itself about 12 yards and in the process buries the player character. Single Player Session, X1, v. Large Rover, Single Seat Medium Rover, Single Seat, to a lesser extent (vehicle rattles and bucks a yard back, character remains at level.)
  4. I didn't feel that my remark was pointed at any of the development staff. I'm just confused that with all of the placement points and functionality already present in the game; if it would really be difficult to incorporate 1 more mounting point on the drill head opposing the drill collection port. I'm not angry, I just feel that it's difficult to efficiently mine sediment and others when the areas that I'm working in only receive quality natural light for about 1 minute and 38 seconds. At that time I can see my work spectacularly well. (Side note - Unless a game has me in pitch black space wi
  5. I'd really like someone to correct the title of this post. The year is wrong.
  6. Drill Needs a mod slot opposite from the collection port, mainly for an attaching worklight. Mineral Extractor Needs to have a larger sediment capacity, denser elements should not take hours to coordinate raw material at the base. The production should still only be 8 at a time though. Base Building I feel that the new platform system is nice, but would benefit greatly if they only allowed for 45° angle adjustment instead of 1°. This would make bases much cleaner. If nothing else add it to the settings menu, as an option for snapping base platforms.
  7. Thank you. Someone other than myself is irritated at the lack of a work light on the drill when you sediment gathering in dark coves. You have 3 mod slots available on the hand tool. The least we could have is a mod slot for a light on the drill head. opposite side from the collection port.