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  1. 19 minutes ago, kioga said:

    I hate text walls.. i hope they tell the story in an alternative way.. like audio logs you can listen while driving back home or holo players black boxes that let you see what happens in the site (like the echo ( Evidence Correlation Holographic Overlay ) in the division, but with movement)

    Maybe something like Subnautica has? An archive for those logs so you can go back to them at a  later date?

  2. 5 hours ago, miertam said:

    I currently have some wind turbines on the tiny part I have finished. I will move my solar panels out there  when it's done..

    I'd like to see the finished project :) Sounds like quite the undertaking.

  3. 1 minute ago, miertam said:

    I am currently working on creating a huge dome around my base. It's going to take forever but hey that's what games are for....okay back to standing around for hours running the smooth tool over and over ...

    are you going to route some solar panels outisde of said dome or do you have another idea for getting UNLIMITED POWA?

  4. I'd like to see a personal shield that runs off your suit energy. Need it to run longer? Better have a generator and some ORGANIC!



    Getting sand stormed? Giant space amoeba got you down?

    Turn on your own personal Shield Tech Personal Shield Generator and watch your cares harmlessly bounce against a bubble composed entirely of hard light! Remember when you want something to leave you alone, think Shield Tech!

    *Add witty jingle*

  5. I'd like to see a personal shield that runs off your suit energy. 



    Getting sand stormed? Giant space amoeba got you down?

    Turn on your own personal Shield Tech Personal Shield Generator and watch your cares harmlessly bounce against a bubble composed entirely of hard light! Remember when you want something to leave you alone, think Shield Tech!

    *Add witty jingle*

    Shield Tech Personal Energy Shield and any Shield Tech Subsidiaries are NOT responsible for loss of life and limb, kinetic projectile impact or aggressive death by extraterrestrial digestion.

  6. 4 hours ago, p1nkbr0 said:

    I believe he is talking about making a giant building in which to house your base. The idea seems interesting enough, though I'm curious on how it could be implemented. The point is survival, and living in a metal cube probably isn't anybody's definition of survival...

    Perhaps a larger, actual habitat? I'm talking glass ceilings or something to protect you from the outside environment so you can do base things in peace.

  7. What do YOU call the things you come across in Astroneer? 


      I've come across most of the flora and seen the baby sarlaacs. I've even seen thos weird black things in caves that when you kill them they drop ORGANIC. But what do YOU call them?


    I call these "Fart Jars". They kinda look like amputated stomachs with indigestion.


    I call these "Dingle Berries". I've encountered them both hanging from the ceiling and planted to the ground. When you dig under them they make a weird noise and drop ORGANIC.


    These are all I ca think of right now. 

    Please feel free to add!


    Note: These images were sourced from the internet. These images are not mine.

  8. 15 hours ago, rileya_c said:

    So you're all telling me I have to waste my time building a parking garage for my whips and waste more time parking them in the same spot everytime just so I can spread my wings and fly? Don't know bout you but I'm slowly losing interest in this game unless devs start making some drastic changes 

    Because early access :) Once the game is done I think that catapulting trucks and sinking rovers will be a thing of the past!

  9. 8 hours ago, Nasedo said:

    @Mr. Badger I'm using my opportunity to express my opinion. If everyone will be happy, especially in early alpha stage of this game, developers may not find a reason to improve their game. I'm basing on the facts, not using any false accusations. If you will trace all of my posts, I never said this game is crashing, because never happened to me. Obviously, I did noticed it crashes for other people and I understand their unhappiness or even frustration.

    When game will be improved, I will express my happiness and I will not refrain myself from saying "Good work System Era" - but for now, as playing or event testing is really impossible - why should I suffer and push myself to play?

    I was supporting your opinion buddy :)

  10. What we have to remember is that everyone has opinions. Those opinions may very well be based on real facts. We also have to remember that not everyone thinks like us and to be as respectful as we can manage with opinions that aren't our own. In an early access game, one fraught with growing pains, opinions such as the OP's are vital to the development of the game as a whole. 

    If you see what looks like a negative opinion of the game, and you feel the need to reply...stop. Think. The information being presented may not be in a format readily digestible for you but may contain the very information the developers need to fix/repair/update certain aspects of the game.

  11. 1 hour ago, rileya_c said:

    I am just wondering if anyone else is having this problem. So the last Id say about 6 times I have tried flying anywhere everytime I would land, my rovers or trucks would fall through the ground itself as if nothing were under it. Now whenever I go into space I see the beacons for a vehicle floating around in a group of 3. I know these are my vehicles because I've had a rover/truck train. Also, if my storage isn't placed on a building platform or on a vehicle, those too would disappear and I would have to load my game to the last save to get everything back or i am doomed. I hope I am not the only one experiencing this 


    59 minutes ago, kioga said:

    Same here, Xbox one.

    Well they TECHNICALLY don't disappear. I had parked my truck with crane close to one of my shuttle landing sites and when I was landing craned my camera around and found my beloved truck falling through the terrain as it generated.

  12. 13 hours ago, mr.curmudgeon said:

    Same here. Lag both pre and post patch. It's now basically unplayable for me and I spent my last game getting offworld entirely without using ANY tethers. *fingers crossed for a fix soon*

    P.S. My Xbox friends are all mad at me for playing this game so much. We all bought Titanfall 2 and BF1 together. lol

    Same. Played some Titanfall 2 today and wrecked some face with the Hemlock and Tone :D

  13. Just what the title says. 

    What are YOU looking for in the story/narrative/missions of Astroneer?

    I'm thinking the "Go here/Find this" style missions will be there. The "Mine 'x' amount of (mineral/ore)" as well. Those are old standbys. 


    But what could be added that would be something completely different? Maybe tracking down another Astroneer? I know THATS cliche as well but I always liked the chase.


    So yeah. Spill your brain here! I'm curious about what the community wants.

  14. 4 minutes ago, iamtommohr said:

    find a way to keep it until you can open it and learn the secret to life (in the next patch I hear)


    (I didn't really hear that at all)

    He's actually deaf. He felt the vibration of someone saying "Brine the hay to beep pit uphill boo tan burn thumb seed pit poo hype".


    True story.