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  1. Man. I can't wait to pull up to the table and eat a nice lump of ORGANIC for dinner.
  2. It's the only way to craft the S.M.U.R.F. drone in your bacpack. Disclaimer: There is no such thing as a S.M.U.R.F. drone.....yet.....
  3. You can use the habitat as cockpit for the shuttle/spaceship. Saves space as well. Also you can use 1-seaters as cockpits as well. For those times when you want to feel the solar breeze on your UV visor.
  4. Shield Tech Hard Light walls would be your best bet. Remember. When you want to keep things away from you with condensed photons think SHIELD TEK!
  5. The devs really never cease to amaze. HOWEVER I am beginning to suspect that our characters are at the end of the universe where all the space junk goes to die
  6. I like this. I'd like to be able to build on a foundation. This would guarantee base flatness as well.
  7. I'd use a rail device to trasnport things back to my base from caves. Or a delivery drone system.
  8. You can reclaim a tether by placing it directly onto your backpack.
  9. I'd like to be able to plant a habitat on a thermal vent and get UNLIMITED POWA!
  10. I'd like to see a buildable space station. You build the parts on the planet and ferry them up to space and space walk them into place. Just like a real space station!
  11. I think that having a portable construction device, like the one teased by the devs, would be OPTIMAL for constructing nice flat roads to and from frequently traveled locations. Perhaps the mobile constructor could build it in sections. The stationary one would also build said sections however they would have to be manually picked up and placed a la research nodes.
  12. Early access, buddy. There are going to be issues. Sometimes fixing one bug, ie. lag, can cause other bugs. Developers needs to tread carefully. Have hope, though. The game will continue to improve as long as they keep receiving constructive feedback.
  13. I've been truly and solidly indoctrinated. Yes. I know all the names and I know most of the episodes verbatim.
  14. I never tried manually placing them back into my pack. instead my inner OCD demon raged impotently against the loss of resources. Thank you, @nordish. You are, in this moment, my personal hero.
  15. Yep. Isn't it weird? Remaining as modular as possible is the best way for any of your vehicles to remain versatile.
  16. "This may seem like marketing jargon or superficial "community, yay!" bullshit you see from other developers - and I would understand that opinion because I've felt that way myself with other devs - so the best I will do is reiterate that this is important to me and to the team, and if you give me... give us a chance we'd love to prove that to you." If I read nothing more than the quoted section... You're awesome. You guys are awesome. Don't ever change.
  17. My daughter, shes 5, saw this and immediately called this the Octobase from her favorite show Octonauts.
  18. I wonder if plugging astronium into some of the satellites and parts we find in the world will do anything.
  19. I do the "Daisy chain" as depicted in the lower picture as well. I find it's the easiest to manage.
  20. Not a thing. Although it would be kinda cool if they served a purpose other than loot chest. Like the large solar panel.