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  2. LOOK AT ME! I'M HELPING! Translation of initial post: A good time, dear developers, I propose to add to the game pack, which was opened by means of research and hydrazine fuel used to it. In addition, at your request may be, to make fuel tanks on the sides of the backpack, and the engines were installed, where the bottom of the backpack. This idea will be useful for the study of the planet, for the study of mountains
  3. If it provided more thrust I'd put a single seat on it and fly it a la Jackass.
  4. All true. But asfaik it doesn't provide large amounts of power....yet.....
  5. Well. Curious, semi intelligent fauna could find the bits and bobs we retrieve from the planets surface quite captivating. It's not outside the realm of possibility that they would take to collecting these. Much to the annoyance of our friendly neighborhood Astroneer
  6. As I travel in any large direction from my base I use the terrain tool to make a decently tall spire with a node of dirt pointing in the direction I came from.
  7. I connected mine directly to the base. Is this not possible anymore?