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  1. I think there should be larger canisters thats pretty big and can only be attached to vehicles and takes a double slot like the medium storage. Then maybe to dump it into the mineral extractor you could connect a hose between it and the mineral extractor.Also it would be good if u could dump the smaller canisters of dirt into it by directly attaching them on to it. You could also fill a canister with dirt by connecting an empty canister to it.
  2. You know those suction tubes at the bank? We need something like that in this game. It could be an approximately canister size tube that can be laid down like tethers. basically any item u stick on the end or a junction between hoses automatically gets sucked over to the Storage silo. It could be a fairly large cylinder, with the entire outside covered in slots for items(no inside). The silo could optionally have buttons for rotating it left or right to make manually browsing its contents easier. Optionally it might have an interface that you can look at by interacting with the pipe that shows
  3. Stuff in Space is kinda hard to do without a few things. Food, Water and Sleep are all important(in the real world). I think these could be added as a sort of "hard mode". Food So you're kinda hungry and the nearest seven eleven is pretty far away. What can you do? Build yourself a greenhouse! its another base piece but it can be used to make food(no seeds or micromanagement needed, just the building, powered of course). Possibly might consume canisters of water and soil for increased production. It fills up a canister of food which can last maybe a week or two and is consumed