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    "Patch 0.5.1" - January 18th, 2018

    What is the difference of the Astroneers we can pick why so many? If there is no diff. And TBH Dev team should put patch notes up before the patch happens because what got fixed if anything? Now people have no information to compare what is in game. Kinda ass backwards infact I think this is a first that I have seen. Yeah never seen this before. So what if anything even got fixed? Please make base structures build Geometrically K thanks.Oh and delete tool would be nice too.
  2. Noobilicious


    I know this is Early Access but I Can't even play this game since I made my first Rover. I had a crane on my rover and a storm knocked it off and just glitched the whole wheeled game play. Vehicles are a no go at this point this is beyond a bug report.Just disable them.... I worry why the lead designer left. This game has a bleak future as is usually the case when there are Development team changes.Sorry Just speaking from what I have witnessed over the decades of gaming.
  3. Noobilicious

    "Research Update" - December 18th, 2017

    5 hours to research? yeah well Auf Wiedersehen Couldn't have said it better. This game just went from serious consideration to seeya in 5 minutes with 5 hour or longer research and everything else that just got hammered.