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    Game Crash

    My game is crashing after only a few minutes of game play is anyone else experiencing this issue? Takes me right to steam does not freeze or lag before hand
  2. anything new or just patches on 6.0?
  3. are you on pc is that why your thread says 0.6.1 cause xbox is still only 0.6.0
  4. Nick Howlett

    bugs that ive come across

    hey guys just wanna start off with how much i love his game and i am very excited to see this game develop this is my first bug post so i apologize if im repeating anyone or if its already been resolved even better. Platform - xbox one Internet connection - 200DL/100UL Guest player connections - nothing under 50DL/50UL single player issues ive noticed some of these do transfer to multiplayer due to how its set but i think ill be able to explain it well enough -reloading after dying multi times result in landing pod glitching into the habitat and staying there after exiting -complete file crashes where terrain tool/gun no long works with X button you must open you back pack and hover over it with you left trigger cursor and press right trigger to extend from your backpack the close your backpack and then you can use the tool/gun. tried to restart game and file that game did not resolve issue, but starting a new file does of course doest have this right away and can happen at any point unsure what causes it. becomes a bit of a issue to have to restart when you get pretty far into a file. this also transfers to multiple players if playing multiplayer. -the bigger your base becomes the harder the game has to run to load anything start to get extreme lag while using the terrain tool, that game almost goes into a limp more for two or three seconds then catches up with itself. this becomes almost impossible to play the game multi-player at this point. frustration sets in and with either decide to stop playing or start a new file just to get a smooth game but this leads to lack for ability to expend to other parts of the planet if you go to a new planet with no base its ok for a very short time get two a three base items up and your back to extreme lag during terrain tool use. -multi rover issues especially when again the more stuff you have the harder it is to do anything, driving has a lot of lag the camera and stirring would be fine the way it is if the lag was so real haha. -stuff doesnt not save on multiplayer characters backpack they has to remove then items, store them and then leave otherwise they die with they leave and lose there stuff unless i save it for them huge HUGE problem. -unable to receive power threw storage units anymore please put this back the direct attachment approach is no good. limits you how much power you can place on something. -love that you guys started add more planetary features like abandon bases more crash sites(it seems)this stuff all fantastic, question do more sandstorms happen with more people? -love the new fabricator set up and base placement utterly fantastic haha please dont change that. - please make secondary habitat placement the same size as the inflatable starter habitat. thanks again for you time if you read these bugs/issues ive noticed Nick.
  5. Nick Howlett

    Rover Bug

    hey guys and gals just wanted to let you know when your playing multiplayer, you have two single seats on a rover and if you roll the rover and the passanger does not get out before you try and roll it over it will glitch the rover as well as the player and you have to reload the game for the everything to go back to normal this was notice on the xbox one platform hope this helps love this game love you guys hope this becomes even more amazing then it is i would love to a quick drop option for putting items in the back pack and vice versa if its possible. if there is anything in the future that i notice i will gladly let you know. Can wait to see whats coming in the future as far as beta and release levels of the game