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  1. Playing with Mouse/Keyboard. Steam. I was playing as a Client. I was driving a tractor with 2 trailers attached, a worklight and a small generator attached to the front of the tractor, and a medium storage on the 1st trailer. When I got in and drove off, a my 2nd trailer detached automatically (a well known and common bug when playing as a Client). I turned around to go back to get it. I drove near it, and hopped out of the vehicle. The vehicle had not come to a complete stop. It looked like the nose and/or the front wheel or two of the tractor dipped below the ground plane slightly. As it was partially going through the ground plane, it began jerking around. The wheels begin shooting around in various directions. After a few seconds, it suddenly jerked into the air about 30 or 40 feet, and seemed to be stuck in the air (with the physics forces stuck in a feedback loop or going beyond normal limits). The host commented that he could tell something was happening that was slowing his PC down a little bit. Maybe within 5 or 10 more seconds, the vehicle was gone. I assume it was launched into space or some other inaccessible place... This kind of bug doesn't happen as often as it used to, but it's a very old bug... Similar feedback loops would happen at the very start of early access. Is it not possible to put constraints on the physics, or detect when it's in such a state in order to reset it or something?
  2. Have you tried putting in a Rover (or two) between those structure? That's how I connect those huge discovered solar panels to the base. I would imagine it would work in that situation too.
  3. I'm glad it left an impression! I was a little surprised to randomly run across a mention of the video I created, and to see I got a couple thousand views. I was just goofing off and sharing it with a couple friends.
  4. Yes, I was disappointed by that too! I imagine that it had to do with the changes with the tool, in general, not necessarily an intentional change, but I don't know. In the past, I often often created elevator pillars to help scout from higher ground, as well as to retrieve items (and vehicles) that were stuck in mid air due to bugs.
  5. Since someone else resurrected this thread... Do you mean this one?
  6. Making flat surfaces can be tricky... General Observations: As far as I can tell, you simply cannot make flat surfaces for any arbitrary angle or direction. The game geometry seems to effectively have a snapping grid where some angles and directions work, some won't. Increments of 45 degrees definitely work. I don't know whether you can get 15 or 30 degree increments to work. I haven't. Usually, Floors and Ceilings are the easiest flat surfaces to get started. It can become easier to create a flat wall once you have a flat ceiling. The flattening tool tries to capture the general slope of the triangle that the center (white dot) of your tool is on. Usually, that means a pattern of triangles that will flat-ish, but lots of ridges, depending on the angle you are trying. Once you get a truly flat surface, you might notice that if you extend it a very long direction, it will gradually seem to be going up hill. That's because it is a truly flat surface, but the world and gravity are round. In reference to gravity, it's effectively curved. The same thing would be true in the real world, if you had a sufficiently large, totally straight surface. This effect is much more pronounced on a smaller world, like Barren. On Barren, you can extend a surface out fairly quickly that begins to act like it's getting close to a 45 degree slope, which you can then just slide all the way down to the flat bottom. Floors: Find the closest one to flat as you can, then spread it out over an area, and just play with it. Pick points, try flattening there. Repeat this several times. Sometimes you find something that seems close to flat, but not quite there. I will create a tool that flattens from that one off to the side more to recreate that angle over an area, then try not to flatten back over it again. That way, if you make things worse, you have that triangle saved as a starting point to try to get it flatter again. Once you get a flat floor, spread it out in various directions. You'll begin to see the seams of where lines of the world run. Try to create a straight line of floor along those lines. It's especially easy to do this running in the cardinal directions (North, South, East or West). Those straight edges can help create flat vertical surfaces that can help you start making walls. Walls: I find it easier to make walls from an existing floor surface, as detailed at the edge of the Floors section, and then go back over each of them to clean up. If you don't have a floor first, then create the wall much like the tips for creating the floor, but I suggest running them along cardinal directions (N, S, E, W). Use your compass. Ramps: Like walls, try running your ramp along the cardinal directions of the world. Stick to 45 degree ramps. It's walkable, drivable, and slidable (so be careful). I don't know if other angle of ramps can be done. Flat surfaces get easier with practice, but never *easy*. Sometimes, I can get a good flat surface started in about 30 seconds. Sometimes it takes me 5 minutes. It's luck, perseverance, and making sure you aren't trying to make an angle or directions that's not possible. I've gotten to the point that I now regularly make my bases underground, with a nice flat floor and ceiling.
  7. One additional note about the "power nuggets" (I personally like to call them "Energy Corn")... There currently seems to be a bug (at least in multiplayer) where if they are only partially spent, they can become stuck as a partially depleted stack that will no longer replenish power. Also, they sometimes have an annoying habit of not spending the very last kernel of energy, which also just won't ever become depleted. It's particularly annoying, because if it's on your backpack like that, you can make the mistake of not realizing that item slot is taken, as it's only a tiny yellow dot left.
  8. I think Marck is right on this one. The coal burning one behaves exactly the same way They aren't really good for a primary power source (in base or vehicle), but they are handy backups for when you need a little extra recharging, especially when it's dark with no wind.
  9. In the current patch? That is strange. I saw that previously. In fact, I actually just decided restarted the game to turn on DVR on my PC and make a recording to report that bug (and show how it could be exploited with trade platform quickly), but when I logged out the game patched and the bug was no longer there for me. The Hydrozine is not selectable while it is being pumped now, for me.
  10. As I experienced last night, some of these multiplayer bugs can be quite bad in combinations. Last night, we experienced this sequence: Created a new expansion. Shuttle and Truck were there. Expansion needed additional supplies. Client player took the shuttle (alone) from a new base, intending to go back to the original base for supplies. Once in space, Client could not click on any of the landing sites (no blue circles appeared). Could only change direction until fuel ran out. Couldn't Tab out to die. Only way out was to quit game and rejoin. Quit and re-joined, which re-spawned me at the original landing site, without a shuttle. Tried to use the trade platform to get laterite. It worked the first time, so I tried it again. After the first time, I tried to get Compound. The lander with goods never would display for me. I quit game and rejoined, hoping that would show the trade good. It had Laterite again, not compound. I thought I made a mistake, and tried trading for compound again. Never saw a landing, quit and rejoined again, and there was more Laterite. So, I had to spend a ton of time trying to find Compound near our original site that we hadn't farmed up already. The host was stuck at a new expansion with little resources, no truck, no shuttle, and effectively had to start over while he waited for me to return. If I quit, I continued in the original base. If he quit, he restarted in the expansion. It really slowed down our progress tremendously, as we had to work around all of these unexpected problems.
  11. I had the same thing happen yesterday, but I've been able to do it before. I am not sure if it was only that one game or not, or if it is related to the last patch yesterday. For what it's worth, in our game he started tethers off of his spaceship after he landed on the moon. He never built a habitat. Initially his hubs and buildings were connected to the Spaceship. After he launched and landed, it did not reconnect to his old buildings, and he just connected them by tether (which seemed to work for him). However, in this scenario, I was not able to add tethers at all. They would be spent, but just disappear. If I get a chance, I'll try it in a different world.
  12. I'm not sure if this is a feature or a bug. Not only does this happen on backpacks, it happens with items locked into the snap points on the crafting stations as well.
  13. I've encountered that once before, where the host couldn't pick up a seat but I could. I don't think it's universal though. I'm pretty sure the host has been able to remove seats in other games we've had. I think there are just various issues where sometimes 1 player can't pick something up that was connected by another player. I've run into it more often when someone else hosted. I often find stuff like that I can't pick up resin clicked on a hub, but the host can.
  14. I'm on the PC/Steam version. Most of the bugs I've seen seem related to co-op. Issues I've seen only when joining a co-op game: Some games in progress, I can't join. We've sometimes had to just start over in new games. Many sounds don't occur. Sometimes I won't hear the emote (1-5) sounds. I often don't hear the digging sounds, but will hear the sound when I've completed mining a unit. It seems just various sounds don't occur, but it's not always 100% consistent on which ones don't. Sometimes I will still see resources floating in the air (resin, in a memorable instance) which were already mined before I joined the game. Areas that were dug out by the hosting player don't always update on my side. Sometimes I see "holes" or "tears" in the world, where I can see through a surface and see resource objects floating in mid space that are really deep underground. Perhaps the surfaces are rendering with their normals reversed? If I walk into these empty spaces, it tends to automatically fix my position to a valid position, and I suddenly float up into another surface. When the Trade Platform is used, I can load it, select the resource, and see it take off, but only the host sees it when it lands and can interact with the returned goods. When the host landed a shuttle on the moon, then built tethers off the shuttle (without building a habitat), we could both use the tethers for energy and breathing, but when I tried to place new tethers to connect to his, mine would just poof out of existence. When we both drive separate vehicles, if one of us jumps out of our vehicle, it can cause the other player's vehicle to stop responding until they jump back out and back in again. Performance Issues: I've only joined, rather than hosting. When trying to host a co-op game, my usual 60 FPS turned into about 1 FPS. We've had a lot of fun, but there are definitely some multiplayer issues that have made things more difficult.