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  1. Husebad

    Base module

    Maybe integrate into normal printer depends on if they’ll do it I guess.
  2. Husebad

    Vehicle Ideas I guess

    How about an automated or not tracked train thing bring into caves then tell it to go back to base and offload stuff then come back.
  3. Husebad

    Base module

    How about a base module for mass production of small items like a batch of four canisters or a bunch of small solar panels
  4. They appear like when you walk by a resource deposit but I already got the resource.
  5. A legged spider thing the size of a medium rover that allows you to climb mountains and crawl on the ceiling of caves to get out easier.
  6. Husebad


    I think it would be nice if solo players could have a companion to help out or carry stuff, like a little spider robot that you can upgrade as a moble storage space or extra power and oxygen things like that.