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  1. I have astroneer on Steam, every time I host the game for multiplayer I have no problems but my friends they join the game anytime they get into a shuttle and fly to another planet they're stuck in the shuttle once they land they can't leave, there's no pop-ups that say to exit the shuttle, and they can't take off again either. it gets to the point where they have to quit the game and come back but then if they're on a planet they're stuck there with no way to leave the planet. We have replicated this where they host and I connect to them and it happens to me also any ideas guys this is very frustrating and makes the game impossible to play......
  2. Havoc

    Research in tutorial won’t work

    You're not meant to research anything other then what is in the Machine. It's the tutorial, not the game.
  3. Havoc

    Small rover bug

    I noticed today, while playing the new update. While in a small rover, i would try to reverse the rover, and it would back up a little, then the front would bounce in the air. Also the steering on the small rover has too much of a "deadzone" delay on it too.
  4. Havoc

    Mineral Extractor

    There is no load button on the mineral extractor, your comment had nothing to do with my post....
  5. Havoc

    Mineral Extractor

    it auto unloads just fine, but wont load.
  6. Havoc

    Mineral Extractor

    The mineral extractor is not auto loading full canisters from a medium storage.
  7. Havoc

    What is the use of space exploration?

    Coal you can find on the starting planet, the other two have no use, so they are exempt. I agree with the poster....there is no reason to even leave the planet. If you want to look at pretty things, then just use google.
  8. Yup, there are thousands of youtube videos that show this, and explain not to do this....humm.
  9. Havoc

    New update

    I was just wondering if anyone has heard the time release on steam for the patch/update. Still nothing at 8pm CST It was supposed to release today!
  10. Havoc

    "Patch 0.5.1" - January 18th, 2018

    So where is the Steam patch????Its 7pm CST here and nothing yet. Any details about the time this is released?
  11. Havoc

    My Ideas

    I would really like to see some new lights we can set up. Bigger brighter spot lights would be useful. Plus a way to re-map controllers.